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22 Apr 2006

exercise for weight loss
I have been going to the gym since the beginning of february. I go five days a week and do about an hour of cardio and about 15 mins weight training. I also try to keep my calorie intake to about 1000 - 1500 calories a day. My BMI is 25. I weight 62kg, am 20 years old and wish to loss about 15kg by the end of august. (that is how much i weighed 2 years ago). I really need to ensure that I loss this weight. I have seen no change since feb. Should I do more cardio? I need some expert advice on this. thanx!
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Billie Jean

It's a difficult one, I'll give you that. usually, someone would have seen change with this exercise routine, because it is more than adequate and a lot more than most people do in a month, never mind a week. So the answer lies in what you do (not how much you do) and what you are eating. It's all good to train for an hour a day, but the key is to see what you are doing in the session - is it quality training, are you training at the right intensity to produce change. For example, if you are burning about 750 kcal in that session and consuming 1500 calories a day, then there are 750 that you would assume you are using during the day. if this is the case, then you would lose weight. So simply increasing the number of calories used during training should in theory make the difference. Now I don't for a second think that you should start counting your calories, because this leads nowhere. It only causes headaches of having to guess at calories burned. But what you can do is try to increase the intensity of the training you are doing. that doesn't mean going flat out during the whole hour, but try interval training, where you go faster for a few minutes then easier. For example, in a one hour session, you can do 5 minutes harder than usual, five minutes easier and repeat this six times. it's these periods of higher intensity training that make a very big difference to your overall fitness and weight loss.

The key question here is whether you are a lot fitter from the training? If you are, then you would almost certainly have lost weight. if not, then you need to look at WHAT you are doing, as I've described.

Finally, you need to lok at that diet as well. I don't think that 1000 to 1500 cal per day is a good value - it's too high and you are probalby eating very poorly, whether or not you realise it. Often, it works the other way around and you have to actually eat more in order to lose weight and I really think you should consider seeing a dietician about your diet to have it looked at and fixed up.

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