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29 Nov 2005

ey Doc
Ey Doc ead,

Ow uz doin?

A note 2 uz self er from me … limpin may be a pain … an uz may b sufferin … uz mus jus think on a beta note, yea right wots beta … iz wif u but at least uz got 2 uz uz legs well mos of uz life Doc … an ey might jus b ok one day alright maybe oo knows … but ey r working sorta ey??

Iz ben limpin through life uz already know, ma history, ma brains an all an if uzz avin trouble jus ask iz got bout 7 yrs experience in at field …

Iz wrote a short story 2 make uz feel beta … its bout a mushroom …

One day er was a mushroom an ee loved eez home full of shyte, ee waz a lucky mushroom as ee was born wif a spoon right up eez arse … ee enjoyed shyte so much that ee wud spread it around so eez ome cud b everywhere, oweva some livins loved it an some ated it, sometimes ee was the ead of the party an otha times the biggest tosser, but ee jus spread shyte as ee loved it anywayz, one day ee came across a group of bunnies an ey were white an soft an cuddly an clean, no shyte thought a mushroom… iz gonna give em bunnies some shyte cause eets lovely … so mushroom pulled eez huge spoon out eez arse an waved it in em bunnies faces, em bunnies ad a cold so ey cud not smell eez shyte spoon an gave eem no attention… mushroom waz enraged at em not notin eez shyte so ee sshuved eez spoon back in eez arse an took out a good elpin of shyte which ee proceeded to spray all ova em bunnies laughin an waving eez spoon alround … em bunnies were not appy wif mushroom an promptly bit eez ead off..


Iz ben doin ok, ova a weekend iz got very stressed an thought iz gonna pop, even los ma cool on a drivin range an banged ma big dong against the floor in front of ma womin, shes sayin uz got a temper an iz sayin yea baby uz right!
Iz can ardly remember em days were people thought iz 2 laid back an jesus likesay walkin around in a sarronngg wif sandles an ma wee little bag fool of goodies …
Iz ard on ma self an ave set up targets that are achievable at a cost of life but likesay iz already know that tomorrow is not guaranteed…

Wen iz ill em money tunes were the only thing that saved me an iz no wonderin if maybe iz obsessed wif makin cash, not for prestige but security ..? cud a life threat resolved in cash do at 2 a person … iz ave to make a mil a year in assets or mula an iz only 30 … eetz loads of stress an risk an iz don know oow much longa iz can do it, logic says, iz ben sorted at 35 but maybe iz ben dead as well wif all ma ard urned cash payin 4 ma lill nephews porn collection likesay …

Beside that iz ad some ups an downs … ma doggie is getting spade so max won ump er anymore, this morning ee woke me up cotchin outside … iz say eey maxie wots a matter… ee came up 2 ma bed an cotched right there … ee showed me iz guess, iz say no outside bad big bollocks boy … ee waz upset an sick so iz calmed down an cleaned up eez puke an gave eem a love …

Take it easy Doc

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01 Jan 0001

Hi Dude,
Thanks for your kindly ( as usual ) thoughts -- one has to learn to stop expecting massive leaps forward, and to look instead for and notice, small steps and tiny but incrememntal improvements , and those come.
And thanks for the story --- I shall never look at a mushroom in quite the same way again ! Especially if it's bearing a spoon. And a useful reminder that shyte is indeed lovely stuff for mushrooms, and not much pleasure for bunnies, so different strokes for different species, or as the French say, Chacun a son gout !
People who feel driven to seek cash generally want it for security, more than prestige. Then, instead of beign able to enjoy money for the freedom it can bring within your life, you don't have time to enjoy anything properly, because you're back hustling for more cash. I have never met a happy millionaire --- but they're all certain that if they only had a million and a half, they'd be perfectly happy. Until they get the extra half mil, then it seems certain that 2 mil will do the trick, and so on.
I'm not sure whether spaying Mini, or even Max, will entirely stop max from humping her, only it'll stop her from getting pregnant when he does, which is a step forward. Pleased to hear how loving you are to both of them. And have you noticed, they neither know nor care what's in your bank balance ?
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