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14 Feb 2013

Falling for a friend
How do I deal with my feelings. Have been friends with a guy for a year now. We talk about everything and we share so much in common. He is so open with me and vice versa. He is in a relationship, GF working in another province, and I am separated from my baby daddy for six months now. Lately my friend is constantly in my space and i am getting so drawn to him. I think i am falling for him or maybe its just the time we spent chatting and seeing each other. We call each other at weird hours of the night and so many other stuff we do (non physical). Recently our eyes locked and we didnt act on it bt the vibe was obvious. I find myself wanting to cuddle and play around with him and the torture is unbearable. Do I open up about how I feel or act on it or just ignore everything. I think he might be feeling the same, also not acting though.