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18 Sep 2009

G&#39 s shop
Cs, Im sure you can imagine the people G deals with daily and you get to know them and their life and and and

I just cannot believe what some woman put up with. And as in the case below with the drugs there are always someone supporting these " BOB' s"  as G and I call them. They don' t work yet they always have money for dop and smokes. They sometimes wait at the shop when he gets there and he throws them out when he leaves.

The one guy has not worked for 3 years, his girlfriend is a teacher and she' s not pregnant at the age of 35 and she' s just about done anything and everything but they always take them back. Today he was at the shop joking...last time he had a Dr. Phil' s book about relationships and he still said to G dont let your girlfriend get hold of this book coz then the sit will start. Today he had a book 51 WAYS TO LET GO....

What' s wrong with these people ???? Why do the keep on feeling sorry for these " bums"  or Bobs ? Don' t they see that they will never amount to anything as long as they keep on supporting their habits?

You know this one Bob' s wife buys him a carton of smokes every so often then he comes back to the shop gives back like 5 packets and swops it for quarts of beer!

And you look at these woman who come and pull them out there and shout at them and and and AND they are not bad people? they are normal loving decent woman who are stuck with these scum, why!

G always say' s they should ban booze because of what he' s experienced in his life - remember since he could walk he was in a bottlestore. He should write a book.

There are guys who take a half jack of OBS and then haunce and down it behind the corner of the counter before their wifes or girlfriends see them the one guy has a record - JA LISTEN TO THIS - A RECORD for drinking it down in just over 6 seconds! imagine that!

They pop in buy a coke and then 2 of those little bottles of dop take a sip out the coke and fill it up with the dop and get into the car looking like they drink coke!

Or they only " allowed"  a quart of black label so they ask G to take a sachet of cheep dop for R2 and to fill up the quart bottle - shake it a bit and then go with the " allowed"  dop...

Unbelievable what you see...and the stuff that he' s got watches, cell phones, juwellery...for booze?

Eish....i get so cross when I read things like under here where the mother supports an addict.

Oh well i can get off my soap box now and enjoy my weekend.

have a good one and Yes CS i' ve been on your FAVOROUTE site - it' s lovely!
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01 Jan 0001

The role of the enabler has become better recognized, but the motivations, what they get out of enabling, has not been so clearly understood. Of course, if you need to be needed, this is the hobby for you.
Maybe G should write a book. Like barmen and barmaids, who have a sort of confessional / counselling role so often, they see many stories that don't get told.

As for the cheezburger site ( like the picture of the snoozing cat, captioned : "If only every day were like this. O wait. Dey is. " --- notice they have companion sites, one I think with dogs and other animals, one on celebrity look-alikes, and a marvellous one about "Engrish" --- pictures of signs in the peculiarly tortured English Asian and especially Japanese cities use.

So, enjoy your weekend --- especially Sunday morning.
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