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15 Feb 2013

Gents - when is a couple, a couple? Words, or deeds?
If a lady is seeing you but doesn''t broach the topic of exclusivity - can you as a man rightly assume she doesn''t expect it? There is this thing which happens (too often) where yes we were spending time together, dinner, flowers, outings etc, but I never actually asked you if you were seeing any other woman and never explicitly told you I wanted exclusivity with you. Therefore you continued to see other women - and in your ''defence'' never officially asked me to be your girlfriend.

So the question is - is exclusivity to be assumed - or must it be worded? Do acts imply exclusivity - if you brought me flowers on Valentine''s'' Day or picked me up from the airport and took me to a spa or if you call me for an hour a day, does that mean we are a couple?

Or would I be a foolish woman to assume so? When is a couple a couple?