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29 Jan 2013

He is being unfair
Allow me to relay my story and seek your advices.
My husband a father to our only child moved out of our home last year Oct. This was a mutual agreement as the tension was severrly mounting to the verge of hatred at home. We agreed that I will stay with our child, so he moved out. This was no end of our relationship. We took that decision as the first step to trying to fix our differences. Its been 3months and he doesnt wanna talk about our next step. I cant even tell if he moved on or not. I dnt visit him but he comes over once a week or so to see our child. He says nothing about us. He only paid lobola and we never signed at DHA.

Lately i have a physical desire that needs to be quenched. Do i move on with my life, will i be cheating on him if i date casually? I think three months is enough to figure out what you want, problem is he is not prepared to say anything. Everytime I ask him, he says he will make time so we can talk and nothing ever happens. I feel he is holding e back and to be honest i dont care about what he gets up to out there.