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14 Mar 2004

Healthy wieght loss & BMI?
Hi there
I am 22 years old, I weigh 58kg and I am 5 foot 3 inches tall. Am I within healthy BMI range?
when I was in high school I was about 5foot- 5 foot 1 and I weighed 60Kg! I went on a diet (weight watchers) & reached my goal weight of 53 kgs. I maintained it for about a year & then decided I wanted to be thinner & went all the way down to 47kgs. How? By eating a 30g bowl of cereal in the morning & nothing else for the rest of the day, exercising for 1hour per day & drinking lots of water. I was very weak & very sick for the months that I kept this up! I started eating normally again & ended up at 52 kgs (which is what I desperately want to weigh now!!) And I met someone whom I have been with for 4 years now. The problem is I have put on so much weight (I weigh 58kgs) & he put on weight too! (From 75kgs to 109kgs-he is about 5 foot 9 inches tall). I know part of my weight gain is due to little or no exercise but when I started weight watchers 4 years ago I didn't do any exercise at all & I lost all that weight-so why isn't it working now?
What "diet" should I be on that my boyfriend won't object to going on with me? What tips can you give us for weight loss? I would like to lose about 3-4kgs before going back to the exercise (Swimming & Walking & maybe tae-bo)-I cannot jog/run becase of a bad knee injury. Ideally when I am exercising how long should I be working out for before I start burning fat? I have heard it needs to be for at least 45min. Can I break this down into 15-20min sessions or do I have to do it all in one go?
Plz help!!!!
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Reader
Please stop panicking about your weight and BMI. At present your BMI = 22,7, which is just slightly above the ideal of 22 for your height. To achieve a BMI of 22, you would only have to lose 1 kg !! which you will by doing some exercise. If you try and reduce to 54 kg you will just be putting stress on your body and you know from your previous experience how destructive this can be. So do your exercise and relax - all this stress is also not good for your health. Experts the world over agree that 30 min of exercise a day or 60 min every second day is perfectly adequate to promote weight loss or maintain body weight.
Your friend is another story all together. His present BMI = 35, which is far too high. When he weighed 75 kg, his BMI was 24,3, which is in the normal range (18-25), so it would be a good idea if he could start losing weight. He needs to reduce his energy intake by eating a low-fat, high-fibre diet (click on 'Diet' and 'Weight loss' and 'Slimming Diet' for a copy) and to increase his energy expenditure by doing regular exercise. Encourage him to join you with brisk walking and swimming and taebo or in joining a good gym. To make things easier for you, you can also use this diet, BUT you can eat larger portions because you really don't need to lose more weight.
Take care
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