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19 Jun 2011

HELP desperate to make changes overdue
Hi Dietdoc pls help with foll:

1. Pls list all legumes, are split peas also considered legumes?

2. Is ostrich meat and pork considered RED MEAT?

3. What nutrients does ostrich meat contain i,e if i am cutting out red meat will ostrich meat and spinach in the diet make up for iron loss?

4. Where can i buy the cheapest and best organic wheat and gluten free flours to bake wheat and gluten free recipes for an intolerance ? its a medically confirmed intolerance not just a guess.

5 when cutting out all dairy what besides brocolli, salmon can i include to improve on calcium? i cant take calcium supplemnts unfortunately.

6. Lastly and sorry to ask this but could you give me advice as i would like to study either nutritional therapy or dietetics but can only do this part time correspondence, is that possible in SA and could you give me pointers in the right direction. What is the earning potential for a dietician in SA currently?
thanks so much
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Libran
Well let's try and answer all these questions you have posed: 1) Legumes are all cooked or canned dry peas, beans, lentils and soybeans (and so-called meal substitutes made from soybeans or textured vegetable protein). So split peas are legumes. 2) Ostrich meat and pork are not regarded as red meat. 3) If you cut out beef, venison, and lamb/mutton as red meat, then you can still eat chicken, turkey, and ostrich, plus eggs (esp the yolk) as sources of iron. Spinach has a high iron content, but the iron is bound by compounds that make it practically non-absorbable. Ostrich is a rich source of high quality protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins, esp vit B12 which is also a problem if you cut out all meat. 4) You will have to ask around in your area at the various supermarkets and health shops to find the cheapest and best organic wheat and gluten-free flours. If you have had allergy tests and enzyme tests then your intolerance is probably confirmed, if not, have the tests. 5) If you cut out all dairy and can't take calcium supplements, then you will have to look for soy milks that contain added calcium. Cow's milk would provide 1 mg or more of calcium per ml, so check that the soy milk contains at least 100 mg calcium per 100 ml. 6) There is no facility for studying nutrition by correspondence in SA because it is such a hands-on, practical subject. To obtain more information about studying nutrition contact the Association for Dietetics in SA (ADSA) at: Phone No: (011) 789-6621 or 789-1383 during office hours. Dietitians do not earn a great deal in SA, so think carefully before you embark on this career. Discuss this with the ADSA representative when you phone them.
Best regards
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