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08 Feb 2013

i feel like just going back and wipe everything
hi Guys,

days are not the same ,sometimes i feel string and sometimes i just feel like forgetting about it all and going back to the husband that belittled , and bad mouthed me to his family and relatives .
who was never satisfied about who i am and didnt appreciate me , eventualy i took a stand and left him and im now staing with my perent, the divorce date is nextweek friday and on the othersidde he is begging me to forgive him , but all along when i tried to reach out to him he just diregarded my concerns .

my brain tells me that if i go back he will go back to his ways just like he always does . but my heart says give him a chance(stupid heart)
but i keep telling myself no said its going to be easy .he is bipolar
but he refuses to get help ,so chances are he will mistreat me
after a while guys please i need your tough love rite now and some hard core truth.
he has taken my car that he bought for me , he keeps saying he will give it back ,i have just about givin up, how can someone who claimes to love you do something so horrible to his wife , my mind tells me that if he realy cared he was going to give me mya car back
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