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09 Dec 2005

I really miss him
Hi, I met a guy about 4 months back & when I met him I was already pregnant, at the tym I thought he was the cutest & sweetest guy Iv ever seen. He never seemed to mind that I wasnt carrying his child, I asked him if he had a GF he said no & he dump the father of my child for him, (he just wasnt do it 4 me, de luv had been gone 4 quite a while) claiming that he loved me so much. We used to go out alot, he would always cum & see me almost everyday, everything was perfect. The trouble started when my tummy started to grow, I started finding pictures in his house & he didnt even bother hiding them, & then the other day I found a womans night dress,& a make up, & when I asked him y he was with me becoz he has a girlfriend, he just replied y r u with me becoz u know I have a girlfriend, so i just told him lets call it quits, just becoz Im pregnant doesnt mean dat Im desparate & he should show me that he is using me, the least dat he could do is hide the things when Im there, he acts like he is doing me a favour by being with me. And sometyms he used to dissapear 4 days & not even call & then he just shows up & sweet talks me into going to his place so dat he can make love to me & I dont wanna go but I cant refuse, I love him so much. I havent seen him for weeks now & he doesnt even bother to call, (I miss him so much, the thing is he is so good in bed) he is just gonna show up 1 day & take me to his place & I cant seem to say no. After making love to him I feel like I hate him more & more but if he wants to do it again I cant say no. What is wrong with me, y am I so in love with this man who doesnt even try to hide it dat he is using me? Im stressing so mush & its not good for my unborn & the fact dat his father wants nothing to do with me is not helping? I wish I knew wat I can do to resist this man! Advice would be appreciated.
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01 Jan 0001

Well, v.d., unles he is a secretive cross-dresser, and the makeup and nightdress are perhaps his, it does sound as though he is really involved with this other woman, and not that into you. Either way, if he has been deceiving you, in what way does he deserve your love ? You seem to recognize that you are being used --- so why don't you allow yourself to stop it ? there are other men you could date who would certainly treat you with more respect and affection and not use you --- why do you feel so desperate that you have to cling to this guy ? You CAN resist this guy's highly dubious charms --- who do you think so very little of yourself that you choose to continue to put up with this ?
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