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13 Feb 2013

Is it time to move on
Ive been living with my customary husband for the past 5yrs. We have 2 kids. From the time we met i never hid who i was.and i laid down my expectations:

Be upfront about issues coz once trust is broken, it cant be fixed
Dont get me used to going out with you coz i will always expect it
I am a creature of routine, maintain it then i will be happy
I am calculating and skeptical(dont forget ur lies)
I am not furniture or security for your house.
I strive on attention and being nurtured
4 years down the line the following is the norm:
he cheats
he is always out with friends and comes back early morning
he is emotionaly and verbally abusive
he never has time for me and his kids
draining me financialy

The main issues which i feel are the main cause of our problems are the following:

He hid the fact that he was HIV positive. I found out late and ended up staying. Luckily i am still negative and my kids
he bought a house which he cannot afford. i earn a fifth of what he earns and expects me to take care of 40% of our expenses.which does not make sense while he spends his money on alcohol
he is an alcoholic and refuses to get help
he is pathological liar, lies about stupid things
he refuses to be tested for TB. I have a newborn in the house who is susceptible to infections and shares my bed.the doctor advised me to get him tested to safeguard my child coz he is always coughing

I am trying to save money so i can afford to move out but he makes it impossible.I dont understand why i shud assist him financially so he can go spend it with his gals. Things run out at home and i always have to make a plan.He expects me to serve him his food on a plate every day but he has never done anything for me.
he uses reverse psychology and tells me normal men go out weekends and he is the only one who is not allowed. I am not being difficult, i just expect him home by 2am which he fails to do.

I am 16yrs his junior and people always say i look great but my self esteem has been killed which is why i still stay and take his sh#t.

I am at wits end. I cannot be a gud parent to my kids if im not happy.

I don’ t want to end up bitter and stay just to plan my revenge. I know all his weak points and secrets. I can easily destroy him but I haven’ t.

What should I do