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31 Jan 2013

It all started with a cold........
Hello doc, hope you can help me. I am a 36yr old female. On Christmas Eve I started with a cold - family members also had it. It didn’ t last long - maybe 4 days - with a phlegmy cough (considering I do smoke) the cough was completely gone within about 10 days. We were on holiday out of town at the time (in Port Elizabeth) and while I had the cough and cold, I also came down with bad diarreah (no vomiting though). I couldn’ t even eat 1 grape and it didn’ t stay in for a minute !. Apparently there water isn’ t so good and I happened to have drunk some of it the night before the diarreah started, but I don’ t know if it was that. Anyway, that cleared eventually to and no problems there-after. I felt I was all better and good and then we drove home on New Year’ s day in an air-conditioned car and suddenly the next day after going back to work I felt like I’ d been hit by a truck –  dizzy and very flu-like symptoms and body aches mainly (no sore throat and no sniffles –  just body aches and shivers). I took 2 days off work and felt a little better but after returning in early January I still don’ t feel like I’ m completely recovered. I do NOT have a cold, no sore throat, no fever, no swollen glands, no headache, not tired (although I only seem to be getting about 7 hours sleep a night). I am not on any meds except Adco Alzam for my severe anxiety. The strangest thing is when I am pre-occupied I don’ t feel so bad (example last week was my daughter’ s birthday and I felt fabulous ALL day), on the weekends I am much better (maybe because I sleep much later in the mornings (I am not a morning person) and this seems to help tremendously). I do feel that I have improved from even 2 weeks ago as I couldn’ t even clean my house or go out shopping for too long I felt so achey. It’ s worse during the week at work or when I am stressed, but it also comes and goes within hours –  couple of hours feeling good, a couple of hours feeling off. I seem to have an increased appetite as well and after I eat I feel stronger. I am not one to get sick with colds and flu and the cold I had last month was my first in 3 years. Work colleagues, both my daughters and now my husband have had a second round of colds this month, but I still have not caught it from them. It’ s just this achey flu-like aches that are totally confusing me. I must add that for the past 3 years without fail in December/January (my busiest, most stressful time of year for my career) I get some weird illness and symptoms that no doctor can explain (I haven’ t been to the doc for this yet, but the previous 2 years I had batteries of tests for strange symptoms with no diagnosis –  not your run of the mill cold, flu and infection stuff –  weird weird stuff –  thankfully it all went away like it never arrived). What should I do now ?? I want to feel like me again and go back to exercise at gym, but am too scared I’ ll feel even more awful. Thank you for your time.
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01 Jan 0001


You are displaying symptoms of depression. I therefore, suggest that you consult your GP for an examination to exclude other conditions like fibromyalgia, diabetes, hypothyroidism and Vitamin B12 deficiency. I think you will do well with a product like Cipramil, which is used for mild to moderate depression, as well as general anxiety disorder. The Alzam is a benzodiazepine and can also explain your symptoms. It will be best to wean yourself off Alzam under the supervision of your GP.


Dr Anrich
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