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12 Jan 2013

Task: Display just the first name from the full name which is stored in the foramt of LastName, FirstName MiddleName(optional) .Solution in PHP: Use of PHP strpos() and substr() functions.The syntax of these functions are:int strrpos ( string $haystack , string $needle [, int $offset] ) returns the position of needle in the haystack string starting from $offset position. Default value of $offset is 0.string substr ( string $string , int $start [, int $length ] ) returns a portion of the stringPHP code:$string= $fullname  // $fullname may have Kennedy, John F or Obama, Barack or $start=strpos($string,'','')+2  // find the position of ,'' and skip comma &  spaceif (strpos($string,'' ,$start)) { // case: there is a space after first name $length=strpos($string,'' ,$start) $start  // get the length of first name} else { // case: no space after first name which means no middle name $length=strlen($string)  // definitely greater or equal to length of firstmane}echo substr($string, $start, $length)  // displays the first name, John or Barack or
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