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30 Jun 2010

Life Crisis!!
Hi Doc,

I think I''m having a crisis. I was sitting at my desk doing filing and I thought to myself- I''m 23 years old. I''m in the prime of my life and I''m sitting at work every week doing filing. I send statements to over 2000 customers monthly, I record their payments, I deal with their queries..... and I file. This is not how I wanted my life to be- I fell into this job because everyone told me I need to work on my career but I HATE my job. Every day I wake up with dread, I go cry in the bathroom because there are so many other things I''d rather be doing. I don''t have money to study (I''ve been working here for 3 years and I only earn enough money to put R150 towards savings). I walk to work because I can''t afford a car- I''m the only idiot in the office who can''t afford transport. Everyone here thinks I don''t know what I''m doing (even though I''ve been working here the longest), I continuously make mistakes (maybe that''s why they think I don''t know what I''m doing), everyone takes advantage of me (they ask me to help me with this and help me with that and do that for them, bla bla bla). My boss is so busy trying to build the company that I''ve been doing the EXACT SAME THING since I''ve been working here. I’ m more like a glorified doorman- all the new people get nice offices and nice desks and new computers and I still sit at the same desk by the door This job is boring, but I don''t have experience in anything else. I can''t leave my job now- where would I go? I long for company- everyone I work with is waaaaaaaaay older than me. We NEVER get clients coming in- I worked at a shop for a short while and I LOVED dealing with all the customers! But I don''t know- I guess I''m a wuss. I feel obliged to stay at this company because they have helped me here and there. I can’ t afford to chase my dreams. I don’ t know what to do. I’ m lost and unhappy.
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01 Jan 0001

OK. From the sound of it, you are doing a really useful job ( what a greater mess life would be if there were not people doing jobs like this ) though I agree it may not feel exciting or anywhere near as wrothwhile as it is, and maybe not fulfilling, especially if you had and have larger ambitions for yourself.
You don't mention what your "career" is, as you see it, as you want it to be. I'm puzzled - if everyone else at the office can aford a car, why is this - do they earn more than you ? Is there any prospect of doing some job-related studies with funding from the company ?
If people genuinely didn't believe that you knew what you were doing, they would hardly ask you to help them with any of their work. And unless you were reliably OK at what you do, they wouldn't keep you in that job, as it'd cause such problems for them all.
Within a set job, of course you WON'T get experience of anything else, unless this gets built into your work. And its no excuse for them not to move you into more interesting work. Isn't there an HR dept or person you coulddiscuss this wirth, with a view to job enrichment, and training in other areas of the company's work ?
One thing that would start to help, would be to start to cvlarify and define your dreams ( we never reach our dreams if we're not sure what exactly they are and can't plan to get there from here ). Isnt it posible to explore looking for a different job with more customer contact, for instance, which you might enjoy more ?
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