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28 Jan 2013

Losing weight after 55
Dear Dietdoc

As you seem to be slightly over 21 years of age (:-), I hope you will have some inch of sympathy with my question.

I''m 55 years of age, and have gained weight like mad over the past 10 years. For many reasons, not least of which my health of course, I''m trying to lose weight. According to the BMI scale, I should loose at least 25 kg! My problem is this: I''ve lost 3kg over the past month, which is all great and well, but it seems as if the full 3kg came from my face. If I look like this after 3kg I don''t even want to imagine what I would look like after 25! Is there a midway between ideal weight and looking like a prune? Apart from the fact that it is heck of a difficult to lose weight at this stage, I really really cannot see myself as skinny as the books and guidelines would like me to be. I had everything tested last week - my blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol are all normal. On the whole I consume up to six portions of fruits &  vegetables per day, my red meat consumption is low, and I don''t eat bread or white pasta at all. I LOVE sushi, though. Bottomline: would 10kg at my age make a difference, or should I really aim for that 25kg, with the resultant pruny look?

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01 Jan 0001

Dear Meyra
I can indeed understand your predicament fully. Firstly people over the age of 40 may start gaining weight at the rate of about 1 kg per annum. So after 10 years, you would weigh 10 kg more than at 40 years! This inexorable increase in weight can be due to many factors such as a decrease in physical activity, eating the same number of kJ per day as when you were young, a decrease in hormonal activity (thyroid, insulin, etc), depression, a reduction in the Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR), use of prescription medication many of which can cause weight gain, - the list is formidable. Then there is the phenomenon that most people do experience weightloss in the face first before other more substantial areas start shedding - this is once again due to the fact the hips, buttocks, thighs, tummy, upper arms, and breasts are the fat depots of the female body and as such tend to hold on to their fat stores more efficiently than the face and legs for example. If you need to lose 25 kg to reduce your BMI down to 25 then you should aim for 25 kg. If losing 25 kg will reduce your BMI down to 22 or less, then this is not necessary at this stage. Just first lose the weight you need to lose so that you have a BMI of 24,5. I can't work this out for you because you have not mentioned your present weight in kg and height in metres.
Best regards
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