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07 Feb 2013

Maintenance and sole custody question
I have a standing divorce order , my ex are suppose to pay school fees and medical aid, he refuses to pay maintenance for my daugther or school fees, he keeps on making excuses that he has a business and no money is coming in or he must first pay this or that account., he runs for everyting to attorneys.
What is my legal right regarding this I am struggling now since October, he was suppose to pay half of the registration money and he must pay half of the school fees, there is no medical aid and I am in the process of going on a medical aid, but I just can not afford the bill, he does not reply or get his fiance to phone me to explaine, I am sorry but she is not his laywer, any advise I am really financialy strapped because of this. I am paying everything out of my own pocket, He does not pay a thing, a hig school girl of 15 cost a lot of money, he is really something else, he does not pay maintenance for his other children to with his second ex wife. what is the process to get sole custody , he said he is going to write her off , he does not want to be seen as her dad any more.

please any advise will do, I am at wits end.