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05 Jul 2010

male dog behaviour change
My Jack Russell - Morgan - is now 4 years old, house trained and such a joy. A year ago we purchased a new couch, which is now leather and threw the old 2 seater couch away, even though he was not allowed to jump up on the new couch he never had a problem with the couch, did not sprinkle to mark territory or anything odd. 3months ago we purchased another new couch to match the leather couch it is weaved material should that make a difference, and the 2 single seaters that he was always allowed to jump up on our laps and sit on - those 2 seaters were taken outside where Morgan can sit on all day and do as he pleases, but like the other new couch is not allowed on the new weaved couch. Morgan seems to hate this couch and has urinated a full bladder on it about 5 times in the last 3 months, there is no set time or routine in his way of doing it its random. after the first 2 times of peeing on the couch, we decided that they stay outdoors anyway during the week while we are at work, and come in when we are at home, but we changed the fact that on a weekend when we go out for an hour or 2 we would usually allow them to stay in the house unattended which we have now stopped, thinking that Morgan would not Urinate on the couch if we were at home with him,to our surprise the last 3 times he did urinate on the couch at night, he would get out of bed and instead of going to pee outside jumped on the couch and left a full bladder on the couch. We ruled out him having an infection as the distance from his bed to the door to pee outside and the distance from his bed to the couch is exactly the same, plus the events are too random and seem to be targeted at the couch and not incontinence. No other routines in our home have changed, other than the new couch, could he really just simply hate the couch and prefer leather to weave - or is it an emotional response to something? Our first child is due in a month and I am so scared that the new person of the household will cause him anxiety and he will behave even worse? we do not intend on keeping Morgan away from the baby or not giving him as much attention as before as Morgan was our " child"  for the last 4 years and will still be - unless he doesn''t stop the full on urinating on my couch in which case we will be forced to seek desperate measures, Can having him sterilized at this age of 4 help to calm him? or stop his seemingly odd and new emotional response to a couch - will the sterilization really make him loose his spark and not be the same highly amusing pup that he always is? any advise welcome!!! could morgan really be upset because he is not allowed to sit on our laps when we watch t.v on the couches anymore? we pull his bed to our feet on the floor and he still gets attention, plus he is still allowed to watch t.v on the bed with us when we watch in the room that has not changed, but my husband is getting so frustrated with not understanding the dogs ugly sudden behavour that im worried for my husbands sake that he might have a heartattack due to the stress of not being able to understand why the dog is behaving like this - we still love the dog like our child nothing has changed that drastic surely?
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01 Jan 0001

Hi Anonz

I would advise that you get Morgan castrated but please be aware that this does not always stop this abherent urinating behaviour. In general it will calm him down but will generally not take away his spirit.

In addition I would also get a DAP spray/collar and this will also help you manage this behaviour. If failing the above please seek the help of a qualified pet behaviourist
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