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21 Aug 2007

ME / CFS ???
Today, i came across a ME/CFS website whilst trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with me. For 21 months i have been battling with unexplained illnesses and debilitating symptoms which do not respond to any treatment. I have every possible ME/CFS symptom that has been documented.

It started 5 days after i gave birth to my little girl 21 months ago. I am an "older" mom, and had her at age 38. I was, however, healthy before giving birth. It was a stressful pregnancy and a stressful birth, and the symptoms started exactly 5 days after i gave birth.

I was constantly exhausted (blamed it on the birth). I then developed an autoimmune disease (hives), which has gradually worstened to the extent that i now have chronic asthma. 4 months ago, i developed severe back pain (diagnosed as a pinched sciatic nerve). I have difficulty walking most days and have resorted to using a crutch. I have ben to countless doctors for all of my symptoms, including chiropractors, homeopaths, accupuncturists and physiothapists, to no avail - nothing relieves the symptoms - they are getting worse by the day.

I take so much medication on the average day that i'm beginning to feel like a Junkie! These include antihistamines, antiinflammatories, cortisone (only when i really cant breathe) and i also use my inhaler 3 - 4 times a day.

I am still exhausted all the time - no matter whether i sleep for 2 hours a night or 10 hours a night. Whereas i used to consider myself to be a very intelligent person, i now come across as really stupid half the time because my memory is completely shot and my brain is so fuzzy all the time. i am also stressed all the time (work / home / relationships etc) and i feel permanently drained and fatigued.

I had never considered that i may have ME/CFS before today - could it be possible? If so, how do i go about diagnosing the problem and taking steps to relieve the symptoms?

Thank you
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01 Jan 0001

The condition is still very controversial. There seems to me to be a condition in there somewhere, which afflicts many of us, but most websites and writigns about it spread the net far too wifde, and include many other things , including depression, which can, by amplifying physical symptoms that would otherwise be hardlty noticeable, can mimic this picture, too.
And the other element is, as you describe, when one is using a range of remedies for each troublesome symptom, you can end up getting problems from side-effects of those meds, and from their interactions.
I careful re-assessment of your whole picture might help to clarify whether CFS is a useful diagnosis and if it could lead to more effective management of the range of symptoms. The problem would be in finding a good specialist general physician in your area who is interested in the condition and in exploring this possibility with you
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