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09 Jan 2003

More powerful male orgasm
My g/f recently read somewhere that by inserting a finger inside the man's anus while having sex that he will experince a more powerful climax. we tried it and it actually does work. the sensations i felt were much more pleasurable than ever before! please explain why this is the case. also is this a safe thing to do?
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Men have sensitive internal tissue called the prostate gland, which is often compared to the female G-spot. Many men really enjoy stimulation of it, which can be stimulated most directly through the anus. Even lots of straight men enjoy it.

Although some people call the prostate the "male G-spot", that isn't a good name because the prostate is not even in the same place as a woman's G-spot. The function of this gland is to produce a fluid that helps produce semen, and to close the urine duct to allow for safe passage of sperm. It also serves as a source of pleasure for many men. The prostate can be found a few inches inside the opening of the anus, and can be stimulated through the rectal wall. When the prostate is stimulated, some men orgasm whether or not they have an erection.

Assuming for now that the man is on his back, slip a finger or two into the anus facing upward (fingernails down). Then curl your fingers (what some people describe as the "come hither" motion). Most men claim they like it stroked or massaged.

When you stimulate the prostate by hand, be sure your nails are trimmed. The anus is a sensitive body cavern that can tear and scrape easily. It's not as durable for penetration as the vagina. You may want to snap a latex glove on your hand, found in many drug stores or sex shops, which will make rear entry a smoother process. There are also finger cots you can purchase that serve the same purpose. In addition, don't forget the lube. The anus doesn't naturally secrete slippery, sexual fluids conducive to easy gliding. You can buy commercial "personal lubricant" in most pharmacies. If you are using latex gloves or condoms for STI protection, remember to never use oil or petroleum lubricants like Vaseline or massage oil as they destroy latex.

Fingers aren't the only anal pleasure enhancers. The receiving male can try butt plugs, vibrators, dildos or, of course, 100% nature-made penises if that turns you on. Use your imagination on which toys you can buy, adapt, or make. If you use any toys, make sure it has a flange. A flange is a base that prevents the anus from devouring your toy, making it hard to expunge without medical services. The anus is a powerful internal mechanism that can work as a mighty suction device. Trust us. So, if you don't want to go to the hospital emergency room, don't use sex toys without flanges ... and don't use household objects without flanges either.

Another thing to remember about prostrate stimulation is that not all men like it like that. Some find it irritating and painful. Some men really enjoy light pressure, others prefer it hard. Some like constant pressure, some like a fast "pulsing" motion. Some men love the sensation, but only like it once they are already very aroused. The best way to ensure your male sex partner enjoys himself is communication. Ask him how it feels. Or tell him to grunt three times. Find whatever works for each of you, and do it.

Many men call the SA Sexual Health Association phone worried that enjoying anal play or prostate stimulation might imply they are gay or somehow make them gay. That's not true. Although it's a taboo subject for many people, many straight men enjoy pleasure from this rarely-discussed sex organ they were born with, and enjoy it both with their partners and during masturbation.

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Good luck
Dr Elna McIntosh
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