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13 Jul 2010

Dear Doc. I''m really depressed because it seems I''m fighting a loosing battle, the more I try to loose weight the more I don''t see any postive results. I''m 36 this year and for the past 6 months I have been trying without success to loose the 20 kilos I gained in my pregnancy. After I stopped breastfeeding my GP prescribed Ectiva which is suppossed to reduce appettite but for some unknown reason my appettite did not decrease. My GP then prescribed the Slender Wonder diet. I have never ever been in such a complex and difficult diet in my life, there are injections that you have to inject yourself with, there are more than 20 tablets that you have to swallow daily, including Duromine but still you not required to eat at all. For instance in the list of the foods " allowed"  the only thing I can eat is 2 provitas &  a tomato then I have to replace breakfast with a shake, a piece of meat for supper. It''s been 8 weeks now since I''ve started the diet but I only lost 3 kilos of which during my weekly weight ins I either gained a kilo or lost a kilo. Apparently other people loose 12-15kg in 4 weeks on this diet. Before I started the diets my hormones were checked and there was nothing wrong with them. After the birth of my first child (9 years ago) I managed to shake off 15kilos by just cutting out sugar and fat, I ate 3 proper meals plus snacks in between. What''s wrong with me now?
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Busie
I hear what you say and can imagine that you must be getting desperate. I do not approve of the Slender Wonder diet because I do not think that it is based on sound scientific and dietetic principles. It sounds like a fad starvation diet to me and this can disturb your metabolism even further. For your own sake please consult a dietitian (visit the Association for Dietetics in SA Website at: and click on "Find a Dietitian" to find a dietitian in your area), so that she/he can assess what is going on and help you with a balanced slimming diet which may be based on the principle of the glycaemic index (GI). Click on 'Diet' and 'Weight loss' and 'The Glycaemic Index' and read the articles on the GI. Then I would like to recommend that you do some form of exercise for at least 30 min a day (brisk walking, skipping, jogging, rowing, cycling (stationary bike), or join a good gym or Walk for Life) because aerobic exercise helps with weightloss and stimulates your metabolism. The combination of a balanced low-fat, low-GI diet and daily exercise should help you to lose those 20 kg. It may take time, but at least you won't need to have all kinds of injections and take all kinds of tablets that may not even be helping you to lose weight.
Hang in there and please see a dietitian
Best regards
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