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21 Jun 2011

My daughter
Hi Doc,

My daughter is 3 years old, been in creche all her life and enjoying it for the most part (she does get days that she doesn''t want to go to school), but her teachers says that after i''ve left she is fine and plays as if nothing is wrong. She''s always had this thing where she doesn''t want to be left by herself for the moment when I leave, she feels more confortable if her hand is held by a teacher of if she''s picked up by a teacher when I leave. She''s got a 1 year old brother who goes the creche aswell.

What bothers me is that she al of a sudden got attached to a specific blanket which she now calls her DUDU BLANKIE, she''s never been attached to anything really, except her dummy when she was a baby which she stopped using at 21months.

Her brothers got a small blanket which he hardly use and i''ve called it a Dudu Blankie every now and again but it''s not a regular thing that he''s attached to.

My question is, is it ok for her to all of a sudden be attached to this blanket, should I encourage it when she feels vulnerable of sad or tired or should I not mention it and try to get her to forget about this blanket.

My thoughts are that she is probably seeking attention or feels unsure about something or something to that affect, but I''m not sure.

We give her alot of positive attention but we do maintain strict with her too if necessary, i''ve noticed that she is our more sensitive child and I always try and make her feel positive and confident.

Your view will be appreciated.
Thank you!

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01 Jan 0001

Pleased to hear there is now a blankie on the scene. If you'd like to look this up on the internet or elsewhere, this is known as a Transitional Object, and is common and normal, and a part of growing up. It performs a useful function, and is a comfort when she feels alone or bereft. It would be a bad idea to try to distract her from using it, as it causes no problems and is useful. When she doesn't need it any more, she will discard it. The only problems sometimes come when the blanket gets grubby and she resists allowing it to be washed !
Often its a blanket, but it may be a doll or other soft toy - usually its something that is tactile and feels good, is portable and cuddly.
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