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05 Jul 2011

My sexuality complicates my desire for a heterosexual relationship
Hi Doctor

I’ m a 29-year-old man. When I was a very young boy, I can remember that I was attracted to women –  I remember specifically that I used to get sexually turned on by seeing a sexy leg, or a breast, etc. My father was away from home often, and when he was home, he was either emotionally absent or drunk and he was physically abusive but his swearing &  belittling of my mother and I was worse than his physical abuse. My parents divorced when I was 11 because my father had an affair. My mother is a very responsible, kind-hearted and generous mother. I used to hate my father intensely, but as I aged, I''ve mellowed and we actually get on now, although his selfishness and irresponsibility irritate me now and then. When I was 13, I remember seeing a male friend of mine at a swimming gala in his Speedo and I was sexually turned on by him, in the showers later that day, I saw another friend, a black guy who was much more physically developed than I and I remember the sight of his penis turned me on very much so. Over the years, I’ ve found that I get more turned on physically by men but the attraction seems to be mainly when I see a naked man, or a part of a well-developed naked man and not necessarily a personality, character, etc. My first sexual experience was with a woman, though, when I was 23 (I waited this long for what I thought were religious reasons but once I''d been to varsity I realised I was stupidly conservative, I find I am more liberal now), I had been dating her for a few days before we had sex. I actually enjoyed having sex with her, but I do recall I wasn’ t keen on cunnilingus, mainly because she didn’ t shave. Our relationship lasted a few months and we broke up because we had diametrically opposite views on many things which caused conflict. After her, I arranged to meet a guy through a dating website largely because I was horny, I performed fellatio on him and him on me but when the time came to have sex, my penis went completely limp. I met him several times after that and the exact same thing happened - it''s as if fellatio/heavy petting isn''t an issue for me but anal sex with a man/rimming absolutely disgusts me and turns me off completely. I had another casual encounter with a man afterwards, but not anal sex for the same reason. I haven''t been with anyone forsix years now. In my mind, I am excited by the idea of a fulfilling relationship with a woman, there are many things about women that I appreciate and I just don’ t think I could have the same level of fulfillment from a man. But it’ s confusing that I get turned on by seeing a naked man and not always a naked woman (although I did get turned on when I saw a woman stripper dancing in a movie I watched a few years ago), although in the heat of the moment I can perform with a woman but it requires manual/physical stimulation. I want to be in a relationship with a woman but I don''t know what to do then about the fact that I do also get turned on by guys (not every guy obviously and not all the time, sometimes I feel asexual)... I mean, if I had a girlfriend and then told her that I get turned on by guys, she would dump me on the spot, most women don''t seem to be keen on dating guys who express a sexual interest in guys. I am not effeminate, and I don''t show signs of effeminate gender performance that would ordinarily make people think I were gay - on the contrary, I seem straight to most people. And quite frankly, I don''t think I am gay otherwise I''m sure I would''ve had sex with a guy by now. I am often mentally attracted to women, like sometimes I am very attracted to a clever, witty woman with lots of personality but even though she''s pretty I don''t get an erection necessarily around her. I don''t find myself to be mentally attracted to men, but often when I see a semi-naked/naked man I get an erection or I masturbate while thinking of a man. What on earth is going on? How can I find happiness - it''s really the only part of my life that really depresses me? I mean, I don''t get depressed about being attracted to men and women, it''s just, I feel guilty that if I were dtaing a women I would be sexually tuned on by men or vice versa. Regards Mike
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01 Jan 0001

Hmmm. Effeminacy has, perhaps surprisingly, rather little to do with sexual orientation. One comes across some cloyingly effeminate men who are devotedly heterosexual, and some dramaically butch guys who are exclosively gay.
And few people are 100 % homosexual or 100 $ heterosexual in tastes and behaviours. Some have various combinations of interests, some are confused.
Seeing a good local counsellor or psychologist for a chance to explore your mixed experiences and feelings could be really useful.
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