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06 Dec 2005 chattin 4 Dude
Ey Doc …

Owz it goin?

Played this weekend, iz won em C class so all em ard work is playin off so 2 speak … ma doggie ad a friend ova 4 a few days, eez ears got chewed 2 shyte an ee is much appier bein on eez own… ave not seen eem so relaxed an content in some time, eez ben workin out some an eez startin 2 look like eez old man like say….

Ma womin passed er internationals but plugged em local one so its only alf az bad but she will re-write …

Iz not accepted em partnership offers cause em companies look a bit 2 much risk likesay an iz got em plans 2 start up something new an creative likesay ma child ood waz spen building ouses out of lego… wud uz say that’s a sure sign of something real… iz can uz ma art flair an make omes 4 peoples …

On sat at the coarse weez playin a 3 ball likesay wif em old geeza, 73 an walkin eez own way round em 7 km coarse … ee cud remember stuff 50 years back an iz amazed an respect … iz canna remember yesterday doc ead… think las las night iz ad a seizure in ma sleep as wakin up waz confused an cud not walk properly….. a ole day iz not knowin wots goin on around me an afta work ma mouth wen a bit numb … ad a ead ache 4 a few days as well likesay … anywayz iz feelin beta now an iz know uz wanna me go see em doc doc but ma ead will jus pop wen it wants 2 doc ead… no one can do notin 4 me an iz used 2 livin knowin iz can keel ova any second… took a while likesay but iz used 2 it… enough 2 not appreciate every moment an all that …

Wots up wif all this chat doc … there are so many chat places on em net an people r dumpin ere … ave yet 2 c people talking bout all there problems on a chat room so y do people chat on a problem forum …

Easy Doc ead
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01 Jan 0001

i dude,
pleased to hear Max is mellow, and that the exam results were better than feared. But I don'[t like the sound of that possible seizure, and it may deserve to be checked on by a good local Neurologist, and an EEG, maybe even a brain scan--- JUST to be sure things are OK. I don't share your assumption that there is nothing that can be done for you.
Your question about chat is a good one, maybe it's just a sign that people feel comfortable and confident here ; but it does rather clog up the works for the main purposes of having this site, after all.
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