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10 Aug 2010

Nature conservation
I have a very diifferent issue that is bothering me. Im sure its one your not used to dealing with so im not expecting much. its just that im normally much stronger then this and not used to feeling this way so i need to speak about it. Im a person that cares alot for animals and nature. Infact although i am young i have decided to dedicate my life to protecting them from all sorts of people in this world. i have already started out on this journey and have tried my darnest thus far, unfortunately i can not dedicate my whole day every day as i have to work to survive but i do as much as i can when i can. The problem is i never feel like i''ve done enough, no matter how much i do and plan to do. i hate the feeling of not feeling like im making a difference. I have helped several Animal rescue centres with fundraising and am an Honuary officer for EKZN Wildlife( i volunteer my time on weekends). I plan to study nature conservation through UNISA so that I can get more hands on and make the Impact I feel i was born to. I know I am doing more then most, I know I am probably doing all that i can given the time frame. Those are the facts, but my heart feels so much despair at not being able to do more right now. I dont know how else to explain it. I am extremely positive and strong and seldom am down in the dumps and never for long. But today i am just so overwhelmed with the evils of this world. I feel like i cant handle it. I am pretty well informed about the Rhino poaching and after reading my emails after this weekends events i just wanna curl up and escape this planet. I doubt many would be able to relate. I just cant focus on my job, which is very important that i do at this point. Its killing me that i cant go and do something myself right now about these problems facing wildlife. My other half says its because i dont get to see the fruits of my labour and is really encouraging. I dont know why i am unable to feel satisfied with my efforts so far. I know i have alot to be proud of for my age in this area and others but for some reason i wont allow myself to feel the relief of success, even if temporarily. This is not like me feel so confused and disillusioned, i am always so focused and dont allow nigly feelings to linger but these ones wont go away. I know alot of people dont get it, alot of people think im stupid, but someone has to care and becuase so many dont, those that do have to make up for it. Why does caring suck so much
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01 Jan 0001

Sometimes those of us who are used to being and feeling strong, find it harder to accept situations when we feel less capable and confident, than do people who don't expect to manage tough situations.
None of us can afford to spend all day working on projects close to our heart, unless we are independently very wealthy. None of us is so insignificant that our efforts on project we consider worthy will be irrelevant - but none of us are so powerful that we will, on our own, solve any major world problems. That doesn't mean its not worth trying - just that we must remember to be realistic in the aims we decide to aim towards, and satisfied with having made a difference.
Is the situation better than it would have been if you had done nothing ? Surely yes. And you're wise in deciding to study so as to gain some relevant skills, to enhance your ability to be useful.
Sounds like your heart is in the right place, but you may be at risk of becoming very unrealistic in what you expect of yourself and your impact. All these large problems would have been solved long ago, if all they needed was the sincere efforts of one person for a short while. If one looks back at the large-scale problems that HAVE been solved, they all required the efforts of many individuals, working in a coordinated fashion, over an extended period of time.
When I was a student, smoking was extremely common and there were fierce pressures to smoke. Many efforts were made to change this and we grew really pessimistic as it seemed nothing could be achieved. In fact, there has been an enormous change in behaviour, social acceptability of smoking, and the proportion of people who smoke, limitations on the advertising and sale of cigarettes, and so on. But it took a LOT of work by MANY people, each doing the little bit they could, over DECADES, to achieve this major change - and much more remains to be done.
Its worth doing, but if one expects early, easy and quick results, one is doomed to be disappointed, and to give up when one's efforts would have been part of the eventuial success.
Yes, more people need to care - but you cannot do their caring, for them. Do what you can, accept what you can't, and recognize the value of incremental efforts in producing the lasting changes you want
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