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18 Mar 2003

need reconstruction

I have a problem that is affecting my sex life and need help desperately.
The inner skin of labia majora is is hanging down through my lips and covers my labia minora.This is very embarassing and i am so scared to go and see a doctor because i am afraid of what their reaction would be.I have been keeping this secret to myself for years now and i need to buil up courage to see a doctor.Do you suggest i see a gynea or a plastic and reconstructive surgeon?

My vagina is unsitely and i need to have cosmetic surgery done as soon as possible.I would never be able to undress infront of a male looking like this.

Please , wot do you suggest?
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01 Jan 0001

Please visit the website I have pasted a story from the site about Labial reduction. Please be very careful before having the surgery, if at all. Just remember that genitals are unique, just like faces, some of us have large eyes and other have bigger noses, and sometimes we have big mouths, etc. In some cultures Labial stretching are practised and seen as a sign of beauty. Sexual pleasure and even more so, lasting relationships have nothing to do with the length of your inner labia.

Current age: 27
Writing about: surgery for labial reduction

The last thing we women want is to have ANYONE touch our vulva area in a matter that can cause harm or pain. Well, aside from a pap smear, a few other tests here and there (colposcopy/LEEP), I finally had labial surgery. I had to have an internal procedure for cervical cancer and the gyn asks what else can I do. I mention the annoying length and irritation of my labia (lips) and she says she can shorten them. So I go and have the internal (LEEP) and external (labial reduction) done all in one day. Well, the external breaks down in 24-48 hrs and I'm swollen and bleeding and getting more sore. I contact the gyn and get seen and she wonders why I'm falling apart where the stitches were. She claims she doesn't want to "fix" me all over again so just leave things be and after they heal they'll just be flopping in the breeze. I wanted to kick her (lying on exam table) in the head.

Anyway, to my thought, hmm, medical neglect. I contacted an attorney whom referred me to a "teaching hospital" of course out of state, only 2 hrs away from me. So I did and to make a long story short, the ob/gyn's (2) were shocked at what had happened to me and packed me in ice and cleaned me up and booked me for "repair or removal" in 6wks. Oh was I so anxious for 6wks to come and go. Finally my day comes, I go in and nervous as heck I was treated perfectly and had 2 ob/gyn's and 1 surgeon working together to remove my labia, plus some extra skin where the first surgery broke and make everything look the same and flush without bothering my clitoris and all went well !!! Now aside from some minor swelling and spotting and a little tender and sore I'm on the road to recovery !!! Now, just to let you know, I have read some stories on here and I'm sorry for some of you who seem lost and have no help. I believe it's out there, you just have to keep faith and keep trying, if you have to go on-line and search, check your phone books or if you're really desperate, call an attorney who knows medical malpractice and he/she maybe able to direct you like someone did for me. I didn't sue or get any money, but I got me the way I wanted to be. Thanks for your time, I hope everything works out for all of you, take care and be strong. Happy To Be Me

If you are still convinced you need the surgery contact a plastic surgeon in your area, or join on of my women's group and make peace with your body. A wonderful book to read is : Femalia.

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