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10 Jan 2003

No risk when using LSD?
Besides the Legal and the psychological risk is there any risk you take with regards to your body (organs) if you use Acid (LSD). I can’t really get any negative info on Dr Albert Hoffman drug. Thanks
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01 Jan 0001

aUser, I don’t know where you’ve been searching, but LSD is definitely not a safe drug to use.
Lysergic acid diethylanmide
Aka LSD, acid, California sunshine, candy, green goblins, smarties, strawberry fields, white lightning, etc. It is the strongest hallucinatory substance known to man. A minute quantity is needed to have an effect.
The pros: Oh, wow man! Does this stuff change the way you experience the world around you. You can suddenly “hear” colours and “see” sounds, ordinary things appear more intense and magnified, you feel oh so good and reality is of no importance to you. This is the soul and mind expander, a spiritual experience gaining knowledge of the unconscious and unknown (that’s what it feels like anyway). There is also almost no physical dependence to speak of.
The cons: Hey, you read the pros so now you’ve got to read the cons - fair is fair. Tolerance develops quickly, you need more and more to get the same effect and the stuff is expensive. It causes psychological dependence that can be just as bad as physical dependence. Acting on hallucinations can cause harm to you and the people around you. People try to fly, walk on water, crawl through keyholes and walk through walls. Not to bright when your sober but it all seem logical when you’re on a trip. Then there’s the bad trip - the thing that every user is scared of. These things are like your worst nightmare except you don’t wake up. They can last for up to 14 hours and can be so bad that you can suffer a complete mental breakdown requiring intensive psychiatric care. Then there are the flashbacks you can get months later even if you’ve used it only once. Just think of not having a clue what reality is whilst writing an exam or driving a car. And now for the really scary stuff. Acid can cause psychotic episodes (going completely bonkers) during and after using it. It can cause morbid depression, nerve and permanent brain damage. It can break chromosomes, which can lead to genetic defects. Being stupid or deformed can be the price your children will have to pay for your walk on the wild side.
I suppose this isn’t exactly what you wanted to hear, but it’s the truth. Good luck.
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