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13 Jul 2005

Not coping...!!
As indicated on an earlier post, I had a miscarriage about three weeks ago (19 days to be exactly) and although I am back at work and 'coping' with it, I feel that no one really understands what I am going through. Yes, we did not ttc (I was on the loop for contraceptive and on the pill to regulate my periods) and were shocked when we found out (I went to the dr due to heavy menstrual bleeding) we were soon excited about the prospect of a new baby. I have four-year-old twins (boy and a girl) and always though we'll have another one when they start school. Although I only knew about my baby for three weeks (in and out of hospital trying to stop the bleeding and cramping) I saw him/her on a scan about four times and heard the heartbeat everytime. I really feel like I have lost a child, but it seems that people (and even my dr) don't realise that this is as traumatic as losing a 'born' child. I also have queries about my dr's treatment: When we realised the pregnancy he tried to remove the loop (Copper T), but the strings were too high up due to my uterus enlarging as a result of the pregancy. I then queried whether it could be dangerous to continue with the pregnancy (at that point labeled as a 'threatening miscarriage) and he said that it would make me more prone to infection, but that I shouldn't worry. Since he was wonderful during my (high risk) preganancy with the twins I trusted him and accepted what he said. He gave me pregnol injection and sent me home with uterogestan (to be taken twice daily). I started cramping and heavy bleeding and was in and out of hospital (on Ipradol drips etc) for the next three weeks and I continuously requested him to try and remove the loop (read somewhere that it could be done surgically while pregnant since your chance of mc in this case is 25%, but continuing with the loop inside it increases to 50%). He simply said that is was no option. I had a scan on the Friday morning (later that day the dr did a D&C) and again saw my baby and heard a heartbeat, but there was severe bleeding and cramping. The labour ward nurse said that I was not dilated (at about 3pm the afternoon), but when my dr came in about an hour later he said that there is nothing that can be done anymore and scheduled the D&C. At that point I was in so much pain, I would agreed to a sex change and I gave my permission. I blame myself terribly for not demanding a second opinion and don't think I wll be able to get over this.
PS: The lab results after the D&C indicated an uteral infection, which I think was probably due to the loop. Another thing that bothers me is the fact that my dr only did a white bloodcell count (to track for infection) on the day I was admitted (the Tuesday) and went ahead with the D&C without testing for an infection again.. .surely and infeciton could have been treated with antibiotics and I might have been able to retain the pregnancy... Am I being paranoid????
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01 Jan 0001

I am sorry for your experience but I think that your doctor did everything possible. If you fall pregnant with an IUCD, it can sometimes be removed in early pregnany, but often cannot. If the strings have been pulled up, the only way to remove it would be to cut the uterus open and this obviously would cause a miscarriage. The heavy bleeding and cramps indicate an inevitable miscarriage - i.e. a miscarriage that cannot be stopped. Infections in the uterus cannot be treated with antibiotics, as there is very little blood supply and thus the antibiotics do not penetrate through to the membranes and liqour. It sounds like nothing could have been done to avoid the outcome. Some counselling may help you get through the experience.

Best wishes
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