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22 Jul 2010

Not sure I am dealing with this the proper way. If there is a proper way
Yoh I have a lump in my throat.

I am photographer and have received good praise from professionals as well as all my clients I have photographed. I know that there will always be critisizm etc but this time it is different.

I once was asked by someone who say my photography to edit wedding photos someone else did. These photos were terrible so I offered. Now my photo editing is very basic but I cannot very a bad photo. Anyway this client just became beyond difficult. Not because of my work but rather in a psychot sort of way.

She only has the best to say about my work so I recently photographed her whole family. I gave her the photos once I was done. I was happy with the outcome but later she sent me a message only to say the worst thing possible. I can handle this but it has turned ugly. I even refunded her. There was nothing wrong with the photos at all. Even all her friends have only said good things. She''s not happy with the compositions etc and just about everything else. I have apoligised she does not like my style. I don''t know what more she wants from me. She''s seen my work so many times, wouldn''t this give her an idea of what to expect. This whole situation has turned out so badly. She won''t leave me alone. I have even offered to do another photo shoot. Her family is disgusted. Why would I go out of my way to take disgusting photos and give myself a bad name. She thinks there are not enough close ups of everyone. MY GOODNESS I gave her such a variety. I really take the time to compose my photographs and give it that artistic flair. She doesn''t see this. I''m so bummed about this. It''s terrible. What do I do. I''ve run out of ideas yet I was expecting this from her. I was not expecting anything good from her. Some situations are so predictable. I work really hard and I take what I do very seriously. I''m not a fly-by photographer. She''s so horrible to me. I''m not a doormat to be walked over. I told her if she does not like my photos she must not use my services. She''s seen my portfolio. Now she is pregnant and during all the disagreement she still wants me to take her maternity photos when her tummy gets bigger. How on earth does that work when she clearly hated all my photographs. What do I do?? I''m trying to handle this the right way.
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01 Jan 0001

There are always psycho customers who are only satisfied by being dissatisfied. If someone has seen your work previously, they knew exactly what they were buying and are unlikely to have a genuine basis for complaining. Maybe she's actually being cheapo and wanting to annoy you into giving it all to her free ? I agree with Lin here. I wonder if she's tried this game with other service porviders ?
Apparently she has no taste whatever (that's a common problem ).
Simply explain to her that while so many people like your pictures, clearly for some reason you don't understand, she doesn't. OK, perhaps its a matter of taste - but then you really think it would be most unwise for you to do any further work for her, as she is so likely to dislike it - there are many other photographers who will probably make her happier. Wish her well, but make it sure you will not accept further assignments from her.
If she continues to cause problems, get a restraining order, after making it clear that you will.
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