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10 Jul 2011

Obsession with time
Hi doc

I''m not quite sure where to begin because that would turn into a long story...I have been depressed for most of my life and also suffering from constant horrible anxiety and occassional panic attacks..anxiety starts with the moment i wake up till the moment i go to sleep..i have seen a psychiatrist and been put on all sorts of medications but had so many bad side effects my family saw the meds was helpin somewhat but caused damage at the same time, they urged me to stop it and go more natural way..I saw Iridologist and was amazed how spot on he was with other physical health problems i had without me saying a word. Everything came down to that my adrenal glands work overtime releasing too much cortisol hence all my exact symtoms that include terrible sugar cravings, anxiety, depression, low blood sugar, fatigue, terrible memory loss...where does obsession with time fit into all this?well every move i make, i feel like it''s always the wrong move and I just wasted time eg. if i go out..i plan to stay for a certain amount of time..but i dissappoint myself by breaking my own rule and stay longer, which causes me to sleep longer and waste time on sleeping the next whatever I do, I constantly carry the self guilt of wasting time...then i obsess about it, which in turn wastes even more becomes a never ending torture which makes me more depressed, anxious, sad, guilty and feel like i''m gonna go crazy and just rather die than feel a slave to time every single day..i try to fix myself and self improve but the goals i make and write them down in point order, i don''t end up doing because my memory fails me...and makes me feel like a failure because the whole day passed and all i did was obsess and nothing was done. I feel like a slave to myself and I just don''t know how fix this and what to terribly affects my self esteem because i fail to do things I''m suppose to do which create self-guilt, anger and all sorts of emotions mixed all together...i don''t know what''s wrong with me, this can''t be normal. I almost feel like I''m gona develop some psychosis...I already feel paranoid about what other people think of me and even though i didn''t do anything to them I just feel like no one likes me and they all judge me by every wrong move i make or things i say. Please help! before i just put myself in the coffin because i feel like i''m in hell. Sorry for this long essay. I just have no one that will understand
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01 Jan 0001

Iridology is quackery, with no good evidence of efectiveness, and I would NEVER recommend it. And there is absolutely nothing "natural" about it.
Adrenal glands, cortisol, etc. may indeed be affected BY anxiety disorders, rather than causing such disorders, and this the iridologist will have read about in popular magazines, rather than devining it from the colour of your eyes. With just a little knowledge of what has been scientifically discovered, it is easy for anyone to convince you that they have discovered what was already very highly predictable about your situation and condition.
Various mood disorders, anxiety, depression, panic and obsessive-compulsive disorder ( which sounds like it could well be related to your obsession with time ) ; an they usually respond well to two modes of therapy - one is medications of the sort usually used to treat Depression ( but also useful in the anxiety disorders ) and the other is CBT, Cognitive-behaviour Therapy or some similar specific form of talking therapy.
These disorders may also respond well to placebo, in other words to various treatments with no benefits whatsoever of their own other than that you feel better if you really believe they will make you feel better.
Within the panicky part of anxiety states, its also common to feel one is going mad, or about to drop dead, or lose control. Fortunately, these nasty outcomes don't happen, but it sincerely feels as though they will.
Unfortunately the psychiatrist you saw doesn't seem to have formed a reall useful thwerapeutic relationship with you, and may have relied too much on chemical intervention rather than providing ( or referring you to a psychologist to provide ) CBT-style counselling as well( and CBT is far more "natural" than Iridology - and works well even if you kept your eyes closed throughout !) . Get a second opinion ; the orthodox methods do work if properly used.
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