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05 Feb 2013

Past relationships and lies...
I know its not a good idea to talk about past relationships with current partners, but when we met (3yrs ago) we were both " supposedly"  going through a rough patch from our previous relationships. He pretty much knew my side of the story because he got to experience it with me (stalker ex).

He would also willingly volunteer information about his ex who was " supposedly"  a bitch. He apparently put her through nursing school and when she found a job told him that he could not afford her and moved on with her life but oneday her sister came to tell him that she wanted him back and was looking all grey. yada yada...

This is a very small world that we live in and it just so happened that she (ex) is friends with my cousin and she used always speak about this odd couple.

Over the weekend, for the first time, I introduced them by first name only, then off he went to mingle with the boys and she was pale! . After he left she went on to tell me that he was involved in a relationship with the friend that she always used to speak about and she even knew his surname and everything about him.

She told me that they (ex) broke up because him and his mother had borrowed money from her and did not repay it. She only recently went through to nursing school after they broke up in 2009 and he was trying to get back with her right till beginning last year - and other things that I truly wish i never got to hear.

I know past is the past and should probably leave it all there but why would he have lied to me? He volunteered the information. I did once find him chatting with her on Whatsup but he had put her details as that of a colleague. And I never bothered to ask, and there was no trend to it unless he was doing it behind my back.

She told me not to trust him!

I believe that a leopard never changes its spots but it grows up.

I find it difficult to hold this information in and don''t want to share it with my best friend because I dont want him to be disrespected.

Our relationship is going so well at the moment, I trully don''t want bad vibes to come between us.

Do I confront him about the information that was disclosed to me or do I try my level best to suck it up?

Im hurt by everything and not sure if I can truly trust him. We had out own share of ups and downs relating to ex''s and I seriously don''t want to have to start it all over again.

what do I do?
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