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21 Jan 2003

Please help me. I am 50 years old, goes to gym 4 times per week do not smoke. I eat enough vegetables and fruit, drink ± 5 glasses wine per week and 2 litres water per day. I take supplements and look after my diet. I take 1,5 øg Eltroxin each morning (prescription).
I have a problem with profuse perspiration - on my head (on my scalp) so that it streams down my neck and is a major embarressment for me (my collar is soaked and my hair is totally wet).
I have been to 3 doctors about this. The first prescribed hormone therapy - implants every 6 months, which I have used for 2 years. The problem did not go away. The last 2 doctors again checked my hormone levels (blood tests) and these 2 times, my oestrogen level was normal and therefore I have been without any hormones for 8 months. They told me that as my hormone levels are fine, it can not be hot flushes.
Usually when I become aware of the heat, I get panicky because I know that people will notice this embarressment and that I am going to look a total wreck and then it gets even worse. I sometimes just flee from the situation, but what bugs me is that is normally an everyday ordinary situation. I have even cancelled appointments and resigned from all committees as I cannot bear to let people see the mess I am in.
Two years ago I had encephalites and was hospitalised for a week.
- are these hot flushes? Can you get hot flushes when your hormone levels are fine?
- Are they panic attacks? But I get "the attacks" (if you can call it that) only after I have noticed the heat?
- Can the encephalites have any contribution?
- Can it be the Eltroxin plus the supplements (vitamins & minerals)?
- Can it be the result of 25 years of going to the gym?
- What should I do, this is messing up my whole life. Please help me.
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01 Jan 0001

Mela, the problem might be partially due to hot flushes. Hot flushes (called flashes in USA) are caused by a decrease (but not absence) in circulating oestrogen levels. The most effective treatment for the hot flush is oestrogen. Since so many of the hot flushes occur at night, it is advisable to ingest the oestrogen tablet before bedtime. Other causes include: Psychosomatic, stress, thyroid problems, adrenal gland tumours, carcinoid syndrome, leukaemia and cancer (especially pancreas cancer).
It might also be partially due to anxiety. You start panicking as soon as you feel a flush coming on and this increases the blood flow (adrenalin) and this will of course worsen the whole situation.
There is a small possibility that the encephalitis caused damage to the thermoregulatory and/or vasomotor areas of the brain and that this is the cause of all your problems.
Taking too much Eltroxin may also play a part.
I don’t think that it’s due to the vitamins or the gyming.
The best would be to see a specialist physician and even maybe an endocrinologist. Good luck.
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