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22 Mar 2007

Please help
Good day
I need some urgent advice guys. As some of you know im in this long distance relationship. Me and my partner haven’t have an argument as jet but I feel one is on his way. He got these two friends whom I really don’t like. I haven’t spend much time with them as jet but their reputation is faulty and please guys I don’t judge them in any way but they are the kind that nearly every man sexually knows them. Were im from the statement goes “show me who your friends are and I can tell you who you are”. I really dont have a problem with them spending time with each other, But I do if it messes up our time together. We use mxit to communicate at the moment because phoning is a little expensive. Last week we nearly talk for 1 hour the whole week via phone and its understandable coz I work night shift. So I was thinking to catch up for lost time we could spent some quality time on mxit yesterday see that it was a holiday. To my sock his friends walk in and OMG he told me that he can chat because they are with him. So tell me guys am I just to selfish for being angry because he just leave me there all alone ?
And I sent him a sms asking him to chat later that night and guess what he did. I sent the sms about 6 o clock. He came on to mxit at about 11 o clock and his reason for coming up so late was in his words
“Because I don’t like his friend he had decided to let me wait”
What am I suppose to do.
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Gay, lesbian and bisexual expert
gay, lesbian and bisexual expert

01 Jan 0001

Hello again Marlboro and thanks for this post. As LoneWolf says, long-distance relationships are often particularly difficult.

Maybe you need to give us a bit more info? How long have you guys been in a relationship, and how much time have you actually spent together? At what point did you decide that you are in a 'relationship' - was this discussed? Was there some form of agreement around this? Were trust and issues around fidelity discussed and agreed upon? What level of commitment is there in this relationship? Are you guys working towards being together some time soon (not just for a weekend, but actually moving closer to each other) and what does that plan entail?

You often sound very eager to please this guy - you've posted before that you were planning a weekend away etc - and I'm curious whether he goes out of his way to please you in return? Do you feel you get as much out of this relationship as you've been putting in?
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