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20 Feb 2013

Please tell me the new exercise will make a difference now ??
Hello Doc. Hoping you can assist me. I am 37 yr old female. In the last year, I think I’ ve put on about 7kgs. I would like to lose this, if not 10kgs. I am 1.61 in height and currently weigh 67kgs. What I don’ t understand is that I am not a huge eater during the day at work (I eat less than what is recommended in the “ slimming diet”  on this website) and its good food (fat free, salads, all bran flakes etc.) However, I think my evenings might be what is making me fail –  I have between 2-3 glasses red wine a night and I tend to nibble or eat really really late in the evenings –  maybe at 21h30. I also have a bad habit of waking up in the early hours –  like 02h00 and eating yoghurt or something easy I can grab out the fridge. I have tried to cut out carbs at night, but its makes no difference. The weekends I eat as I please (yes that sometimes includes t-bone steaks, potato salad and pudding –  I would feel deprived if I couldn’ t treat myself at least 1 day of the week). That all said, I finally went back to gym (Curves) 2 weeks ago –  I haven’ t exercised in 3 years and I now feel great ! I suffer anxiety and am a little stressed most days, but I find with gyming in the mornings I’ m on a high the rest of the day. If my eating is OK (is it ok ??) and I’ m not losing weight by diet alone, do you think the exercise will help me now to achieve my goal ?? Or should I go for some blood test or something, maybe I have another disorder like thyroid etc ?? (but I dont have any other symptoms). Thank you Doc.
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Nic
Your present BMI = 25,9 which is just above the cutoff level for normal weight. It would be good if you could lose those 7 kg and reduce your BMI to 23 and your weight to 60 kg. Eating less is not always productive when it comes to weightloss because your body may tend to store all its energy in the face of perceived semi-starvation. Your night eating seems to indicate that you are making up for eating so little during the day by snacking at night. Rather stick to a balanced diet throughout the day and stop eating in the middle of the night. I would also recommend that you either cut out your red wine totally if you want to lose weight or reduce your intake to 1 glass every 2nd or 3rd evening instead. Alcohol contains 29 kJ per gram/ml which is second only to fat which provides 37 kJ per gram. So cutting down on fat and alcohol can help a lot towards saving kJ and losing weight. In addition, try to be moderate over the weekends when you indulge. There is no harm in eating the steak, and potato salad plus fresh fruit, but cut out the pudding and reduce the size of your portions. In general exercise has so many benefits that it is an essential part of slimming. As you have noticed, exercise makes you feel on top of the world which lifts depression (depression is one of the other factors that can prevent weightloss), and exercise also increases the Basic Metabolic Rate of the body for up to 24 hours after the exercise session, which burns up a lot of energy. Do make the changes to your diet and continue with the exercise. If you have not lost weight after another month, then it may be necessary to have tests for insulin resistance and/or thyroid and/or female hormone function.
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