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15 Feb 2013

Possessed 3 year old
Hi forumies

I dont know how to put this without sounding rude or evil. Please dont judge me.
I''m a divorced mom of two. Currently staying with my fiance and his 3 year old from a failed relationship. My twins stays with my parents as I am an only child. My kids are disciplined as my parents believe in discipline. The problem is the 3 year old boy who is so evil and spoilt.

The dad spoils him rotten to a point the kid is a brat. When my twins are around they stare in shock as he starts with his tempertrums. To them is like they are unfairly treated as they cannot behave in that manner while this one does as he pleases.

The dad when he reprimands the brat says " mama is going to spank when you do 123" . This man is painting an ugly picture about me when he acts holy. I dont need this kid to like me all I want is a child that will not embarass me in public. Now what puzzles me most is that the mom who decided to leave this kid called the other day informing her ex that he was in car accident. I asked him what is she expecting you to do and he said she wanted sympathy.

This whole situation is so emotionally taxing as I can''t stand the brat and the dad is busy entertaining the ex.