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29 Jan 2009

Premuture Ejaculation
I always finsh earlier than my partner.what can i do she is so angry at me all the time
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01 Jan 0001

Whilst it may be you ejaculating before your partner, and therefore seem like 'your fault', there are factors that you both need to bear in mind.
1. Most men take on average 2 minutes to come, most women take on average 13 minutes to orgasm. It is therefore necessary to take steps to delay your ejaculation if you wish to pleasure her first.
2. If she is getting angry, that is only going to add pressure which will make your ability to control/delay ejaculation more difficult - she needs to be your lover not your enemy...
3. If sex is very infrequent, your ejaculatory control will be lowered (i.e. you will come quicker).

You can get a lose dose of an anti-depressant which has the side effect of delaying may also reduce desire though and when you stop your ejaculation will return to how it is now. It would be useful therefore to learn ejaculatory control. The best way to learn this would be through masturbation where you learn recognise your physical signs of excitement (e.g. heightening sensation, a sensation in your testicles, heart rate) and at which point you need to ease off before it's too late (i.e. when the 'twitching' begins, it's probably too late). One way to help with this would be to try scoring your excitement on a scale of 0-10, with 8 being the point at which there's no turning back. When you get to about 5 or 6/10 you need to start using delaying strategies. For example: slowing or changing the rhythm of the friction, trying to take some deep and slow breaths, and try tensing your pelvic floor muscles as if you are trying to stop the flow of urine. Once your arousal has reduced somewhat (e.g. to about 3 or 4/10), you can resume stimulation and repeat this process several times before allowing ejaculation to take place.

Your partner could be a great help by coaching you through this, asking where you are on the scale, and encouraging you to use the strategies suggested. You stimulate yourself for the first few practice rounds (i.e. over days or weeks) and then once you have had some success, perhaps your partner could stimulate you, but she must slow down as and when you says to do so. Once you've gained confidence like this, you could move onto trying this intravaginally. This is likely to be much more difficult because of the sensations (warmth, moist) of the vagina so you should maybe slow your arousal down earlier than 5 or 6/10 to begin with. The best position to learn this would be with your partner on top so that you can focus all of your attention on your sensations, but you must remember to direct your partner to slow, stop, or start again as you need.

It's really important that these are 'exercises' though, and not 'sexual acts' as normal, otherwise you will feel more pressure to perform and your partner may feel frustrated - neither of these will help you with this learning process.

Good luck and enjoy!-----
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