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04 Mar 2003

Hi Sexologist, My husband and I were making passionate love last night and when it was time for him to ejaculate, he had such pressure in his head, he had to hold the top of his head with his one hand. What could the cause of this be, and have you had any other queries on this subject?
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01 Jan 0001

Headaches during sex sound like a joke, but they aren't funny to anyone who experience them. Mysteriously, the headache may occur on soem occasions but not on others, even whit the same sexual technique. Sexual intercourse, or just masturbation, may bring on the pain. These headaches can occur at all ages and in both men and women, although they are three times more common in men. Interestingly, they tend to occur during male, but not female orgasm and during female but not male masturbation. They are also more common in people who already suffer from migraines.

Why does the headaches occur?
Sex can cause two sorts of headaches.
* As sexual excitement increases, there is often a dull, cramping, tight feeling at the back of the head. This is probably due to excessive contraction of the muscle of the neck.
* At the moment of orgasm there can be a sudden, severe pain. This is probably due to contraction of some of the small blood vessels in the brain, similar to migraine and in fact half the people with this type of headache are also migraine sufferers. This pain generally lasts less than an hour, but may be gone in 10 minutes or linger for a few hours. It usually has a throbbing quality.

Some people have only one of these headaches, but many people have both, so they experience a headache that increases with sexual excitement and culminates in an explosive headache at orgasm. Another cause of headache dueing sex is Viagra (sildenafil) - a pill for the threatment of erectile dysfunction. Headcahes is oneof its side-effects.

What can you do about it?
Most people find they are more prone to these headaches when they are:
* tired or under stress
* attempting intercourse for the second or third time in close succession
* using an uncomfortable or strenuous position

Try to avoid these situations. If you mainly have the dull headaches at the back of the neck, make a deliberate effort to relax your neck muscles. This usually relieves it. If you suffer from severe headaches at orgasm, see your doctor who will be able to check that there is no serious reason and may be able to prescribe a drug such as propranolol to prevent it.

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