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08 Jan 2003

most affective treatment please help
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Miserable, up to now no treatment has been proven to be 100% effective. There are many therapeutic options in psoriasis, to be chosen according to the extent and severity of the disease and with a clear understanding of the risks and benefits of the treatment. Some therapies are more trouble than the disease itself.
· The Dead Sea always pops up in a discussion about the treatment of psoriasis. This is partly because the Dead Sea resorts have an advertising department that can compete with the best. Let’s be honest; the Dead Sea has been reported to cure anything from psoriasis to cellulite and from depression to acute rhubarb poisoning. On the other hand it’s a fact that people suffering from psoriasis do get better when they visit the Dead Sea. Whether this because of a magic ingredient in the water or just because you don’t have stress when you’re on holiday is not clear.
· Topical steroid creams still seam to be the treatment of choice of most patients. It is best to limit the use of these creams to periods of 2 - 3 weeks. The problem is that some people seem to get the disease back with interest as soon as they stop the cream. When they use the cream the disease disappears but as soon as they stop the cream the disease returns in a much more severe form. Betnovate®, Dovate® and Elocon® seem to work well, but try them on a small area in the beginning. Taking oral steroids (cortisone etc) is a no-no, as they will most certainly cause a worsening of the disease when you stop them.
· Coal tar preparations have been used with success for many years. The problem is that they tend to be smelly, messy and can stain your clothes. There are newer products that are more refined and are supposed to be more user friendly. If your psoriasis is limited to the scalp, a coaltar shampoo like Denorex® or Fungitar® will work well. Combining steroid creams with coal tar preparations also seems to work well. Coal tar bath preparations are also available.
· Dithranol is an effective but difficult to administer topical treatment. This stuff will stain anything it touches. Contact with healthy skin should be avoided, as it can be very irritating. If applied for thirty minutes 5 days a week for one month, most lesions will clear up.
· People with psoriasis should always use a lubricating cream after baths. This seals in the moisture and will keep the skin from cracking.
· Other treatments like calcipotriol (Dovonex®), ultraviolet B radiation therapy, retinoids (Tigason®), cyclosporin (Sandimmun®) and methotrexate (Methotrexate®) should be used in consultation with a dermatologist.
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