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12 Mar 2004

Quantum Energetix / herbalist
I am trying to go of Lorien which is an anti-depressent. I am convinced that over the past 3 years I have picked up 30kg because of this anti-depressent and would like to "go the natural way". I have consulted a Quantum Energetix expert who has advised me to follow an anti-acid diet for my weight and spastic colon and use a natural tablet called "Mindset" instead of Lorien, as well as a tablet called "B Stress free".

It was my first visit to this person and I would like to know your response to (1) Quantum Energetix as a method of healing (2) The natural tablets "Mindset" and "B Stress Free". (3) What is the difference in the way they work between "Mind Set" and St John's Wort. I have also visited a herbalist at a health shop who also advised me to go on a anti-acid diet, but prefered me to use St John's wort.

During the last 3 years I have also gone into Menopause, developed osteopirosos and a spastic colon. I am now using tablets to rectify the effect of "other tablets". I already threw away my HRT and is using Femolene and Black cohosh and find that I am doing absolutely great on them. I just feel that if "medical drugs" did not help ANYTHING during the last 3 years, why not try the holistic/natural way?

I hope you can assist me with these questions.
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01 Jan 0001

Hello Linda

I am not so knowledgable on Quantum Energetix. If I remember correctly it is the impact of emotions as well as anything physical on the energetic level of the body, which means what you feel will reflect through your cells because you are all one. This is true. We can not physically escape what we feel emotionally and what happens to us, whether good or bad. At that moment when it happens your cells are imprinted with the emotion, whether it be fear or joy. A smell or song or area or words reminds you of a memory long time ago and it is due to the impact of that moment that has created the memory in your cell and in your heart. So to treat depression and anxiety the natural way we say since when have you had the problem? Since that traumatic event or????? There was a time when you did not feel depressed or sad or lonely or angry. What happened?

Taking a product to help you deal with the problem is one part of the healing, but more importantly is prayer and forgiveness.

I personally do not know the 2 products as mentioned in question 2. What is true is that Hyperiforce and Bio-Strath have both been shown and proven to help people with depression from mild to moderate depression. Sometimes the answer to the BIG question is, NOTHING happened. It just is. This is often due to a lack of nutrients in the body and the brain being the hungriest organ in the body, you will notice it in this area first.

The fact that you have been on medication for a lengthy period of time you will have to seek the advice of a doctor or pharmacist to ween yourself of it if necessary.

To treat the menopause and osteoporosis etc, you will have to seek the advice of a qualified homeopath or naturopath please. Running from one shop to another is not going to answer the problem. Find a person that has good knowledge and follow their advice. There is nothing worse than a patient that flounders from the one practitioner to another without actually allowing a doctor or therapist the time to help them.

Following a healthy nutritional diet and drinking lots of water is to your advantage and yes where there is acidity, there is poor health. So stick to a natural diet and you can not go wrong.

Kind regards.


Healthy Nutrition

Health begins with good nutrition, but how are we to decide what is good and what is not in the face of so much consumer health advice? The first thing to remember is that each of us is unique, with unique nutritional needs. A lifestyle and diet that benefits one person may not necessarily benefit another; there is no such thing as a single correct diet. But is there a universal guideline we can adhere to? Perhaps one: wholefoods – in as close to their natural state as possible. Having undergone minimal, if any, processing, wholefoods are without exception, more nutritious than refined foods. We are not able to improve the quality of food by exposing it to a process. We don’t have any processes that can add life to anything; we can only take life out of things. The fewer steps the original food type has gone through, the more nutrition is left in it. After all, we evolved in harmony with our environment, where the process of eating and digesting became compatible with available food, which consisted of specific balanced combinations of nutrients. The process of refining and processing food changes the balance of nutrients, and thereby compromises its nutritional value.

The following recommended diet is intended only as a guideline. Above all, learn to listen to your body’s response to the different foods you eat, and develop your own healthy nutritional plan!


 Rice cakes/Rye Vita with cottage cheese/avocado OR
 Freshly cut seasonal fruit OR
 Oats (preferably rolled) OR
 Mealie-meal porridge OR
 Maltabella (preferably stone-ground) OR
 Millet porridge (cook on stove for about 40 minutes in a stainless steel cooking pot with water and salt)

Add to cooked, cooled porridge the following:
 A drop of honey, half a teaspoon of unsalted butter and one teaspoon of each of the following:
 Raw sunflower seeds
 Raw sesame seeds
 Raw linseeds
 Raw almonds (chopped)
 Raw pumpkinseeds (crushed or ground in coffee grinder). This seed/nut mixture should be added to a fruit salad or to cottage cheese spread on rice cakes)

Snacks or light meals:

 Rice cakes and/or Rye Vita biscuits with any of the following: avocado pear, feta cheese, tomato, sardines, cucumber, tuna, Marmite or honey OR
 Fresh fruit: eat fruit by itself or in-between meals OR
 Figs and cashews/macadamias/pecans/un-sulphured dried fruit/dates/almonds

Lunch and supper:

 VEGETARIAN: fresh tofu, soya mince and frozen soya products
 FISH: Steamed, grilled or baked – not fried! Served with lemon butter and herbal salt
 LAMB: stewed, grilled or baked – not fried!
 FREE RANGE CHICKEN : – baked, grilled, steamed or stir-fried

• Serve any of the above with brown rice, or Basmati Rice, lentils, barley or dried beans (cook well on stove in a stainless steel cooking pot with water and salt)
• Fresh vegetables should be eaten at least twice a day

• All vegetables should be steamed, baked, grilled or served raw – not fried! Flavour with herbs, and/or A Vogel’s Plantaforce, Herbamare or Kelpamare

• SOUPS can be made with any of the above

Recommended dairy products:

 Cottage cheese
 Feta cheese
 Unsalted butter
 Maas
 Organic milk in moderation

For salad dressing:

Cold pressed oil (preferably virgin olive oil) mixed with:
 Fresh lemon juice
 Garlic
 Ground black pepper
 Herbamare
 Kelpamare

Healthy tips:

Use honey sparingly. Have no more than two cups of the following teas a day – Rooibos, fennel, fruit, chamomile, peppermint, green. Remember to drink water and avoid drinking fruit juices; rather eat fresh fruit.

Avoid all:

Processed and refined wheat products, pork, cold meats, beef, battery eggs, milk, yoghurt, yellow cheese, alcohol, coffee, tea, sugar, processed fruit juices, reheated foods, fried foods, microwaved foods and homogenised milk.

Do have:
 Raw honey
 Rye bread
 Soya milk/rice milk/oat milk
 Water
 Carob
 Bambu
 Popcorn

Instead of:
 Brown/white sugar
 Whole wheat/white bread
 Cow’s milk
 Fruit juices/carbonated fizzy drinks
 Chocolate
 Coffee
 Potato crisps

Always drink:

2 litres of water a day to ensure the complete hydration of every cell in your body.

All products are available from Pharmacies and Health Stores

For more information please contact:

SA Natural Products (Pty) Ltd
P.O. Box 2
Botha’s Hill, KZN, 3660

Customer Care lines:
Tel: 031 7838000
Fax : 031 7838080

This leaflet is not intended as a medical diagnosis, and in no way excludes the necessity of a diagnosis from a heath practitioner. Its intent is solely informational and educational.


Her life had changed. The dream she had when she married her husband did not come true. The final divorce court date had been set.

“This is a time in my life which I simply have to get over. I have to let it go. But I don’t know how. The effect it has on me is so terribly draining. I can feel it in my body, my mind, my spirit. The more I try, the more I seem to be stuck. I feel such a failure for not being able to put all of this disappointment and sadness and anger behind me. It seems to be present in every moment of my life ….” Her voice trailed into a deep sigh.

The roundness of her bent shoulders gave a perfect picture of a person who was exhausted by the struggle of emotional pain. Her green eyes, large almond shaped, looked dull and devoid of sparkling life. In spite of her good efforts at “letting go”, she found that just the opposite was happening. Why?

Many weekend workshops are being held in a worldwide effort to empower the participants. The goal of self sufficient lives lived in a state of mind control is very alluring. I see many people who judge themselves harshly because they fail in their attempts to achieve this state of bliss in their earth-life, in spite of all their efforts. Not that effort is ever in vain. To want to grow to be more, not less, and giving this ideal attention in your life, is never time wasted. However, life seems to have a mind of its own. No one can predict or know what the next second could bring. The attempt to control the path of life usually ends in disappointment or disbelief. It is at this point that people move into the mindset of “letting go”, as if any event in life could be less important than the next. I thought it might help her by telling her my story of the inner garden.

“Just for a little while imagine that your life is like a typical suburban home. There is your home surrounded by your garden. You will notice that no two houses have identical gardens. It just depends on what the homeowner gives attention to. Sometimes the house is surrounded by immaculately tended beds of flowers. Other times, you will see a lot of trees and lawn. In some gardens everything is overgrown and full of weeds. Many people grow thorn-bushes and declared weeds without thinking what they are doing. They know that their garden is not attractive and without useful plants, but, until they take the trouble to find out how to prepare the soil and how to identify what is growing in their garden, it will just stay a garden full of useless plants.” I could see she was trying to get her mind around this picture. Her face had relaxed a little in response to listening to a little story.

“People’s lives are much the same. We grow many, many thorn-bushes in our inner garden. We often do not even recognise them as such. We just know that when we tend our thorn-bushes that they make us bleed and causes much pain. Each bush reminds us of the injustices, betrayals, disappointments, angers and fears we carry. Nobody enjoys having this garden; they just don’t know how to get rid of these hardy plants. Many have tried through their own efforts to chop them down, or to burn them, or sometimes just to ignore them, wishing this would make them go away, to try and eradicate this garden of well grown, thorny bushes. But, their roots run deep, and they grow back easily.” Her eyes, now filled with tears, had gone very soft. “What one needs to remember is the significance of all these events in life which turned out to be thorn bushes. These are very valuable moments of our life. You can’t “let go”, or walk away, or dismiss any of this. It is who you are. Why not give these thorny bushes the necessary value and respect and gratitude for what it brought to your life, maybe not in the way you would have wanted, but such is the unpredictable nature of every day that control is impossible. Acceptance of the gift of wisdom in having survived life’s surprises lies in how you deal with the thorny exterior. Take each thorn-bush gently to the compost heap; watch how the ugly branches transform into rich compost, essential to feed the growth of all the wonderful fragrant flowers of your dreams. The time and energy spent on tending a thornbush garden is visible by our wounds. You will be scratched and you will bleed. Somehow this is also part of becoming strong and growing a thicker skin!” We laughed together, a lot more relaxed in our understanding that all is as it should be. “What fascinates me”, I said, “is that we can never tell whether the seed we hold in our hand is a potential daffodil or a thorn-bush. Through this life we will live with both possibilities which become clearer as we learn to be discerning.”

“Don’t let go – transform”, was my advice. I thought she had great potential to become a master compost maker. Such is grace as opposed to effort.

The information provided does not constitute a diagnosis of your condition. You should consult a medical practitioner or other appropriate health care professional for a physical examination, diagnosis and formal advice. Health24 and the expert accept no responsibility or liability for any damage or personal harm you may suffer resulting from making use of this content.
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