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06 Dec 2005

I train 5 days a week and each training session is ±45min. Training consist of: 3days - weight training + in between running or bicycle for 5min x2. Then the other 2 days are 30min cardio and maybe some weight training. Then twice a week (at night) I’ll do some kickboxing (Cardio) for 30min at home against my boxing bag. And some Saturday I just go to gym to run or ride bike for 20 –30min. Well my question is:

1. Am I over training my body with this training program?

The other thing is I struggle to eat right; I’ll give you an example of what my daily routine is:

Morning: Oats cooked with fat free milk and 2-table spoons sugar.
11’o clock: Evox lean pro shake 15g protein with water.
2-3 ‘o clock: Evox lean pro shake 15g protein with water, or nothing.
3’o clock: I’ll go to gym.
4-6 ‘o clock: I’ll drink the shake if I didn’t drink it at 2 OR I’ll try to eat a fruit, but usually stick anything into my mouth.
7’o clock: Dinner that’s mostly chicken, brown rice and vegetables.
Late at night I always want to eat something sweet or just craving anything to eat.

My body fat is 18%, and I'm build muscular but I can’t get rid of the last rolls on my stomach, and I alway feel fat.
Well basically I would like to know if you can help me, what am I doing wrong and can you give me any advice on my gym program or my eating habits, please.

O, one last thing, does trampoline help with weight loss or to burn fat?

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01 Jan 0001


To answer the first question, I don't know, and I can't conclusively say that this is either too hard or too easy. The reason is that everyone is different, and so while this may be too much for one person, it would be just right for another, and perhaps too easy for another person. Overtraining is very complex, and it's the result of a number of different factors that come into play, and training is actually only one of them. Because you are not a professional athlete, you obviously can't just eat, sleep and train all day - you have to work in between and life also does not just stop there for you. So whereas a professional athlete overtrains because of training, most normal people overtrain because everything else in their life adds up and their training becomes the final straw, so to speak. So it's not for me to say this is too much - you have to assess your own feelings and then decide. Some tell tale signs would be mental fatigue first, physical second. Do you look forward to training, do you feel good during the session and afterwards? If you do, then it's fine. If not, then you may have to ease up on the training. Also, look at the quality of your sleep. if you wake up feeling refreshed, great. if you wake up feeling like you need another night's sleep, then start to worry and make some changes.

You can assess when the training is going well or badly by keeping a log book and then constantly making observations, giving your training a rating out of 10 etc. and then you will learn the patterns. Too many 8's and 9's means ease up, lots of 6 or 7 means good intensity.

Now, with regards to diet, I'm not the best person to advise on this, I would suggest speaking with a dietician. it would be presumptious for me to speak over a dietician who knows far more. What I will say is that there may be a place for more fruit in your diet, and that may explain your sweet cravings in the evenings. Maybe also the overall energy content of this diet is a little low, considering that you exercise regularly. Perhaps your portion sizes should all be increased somewhat to provide more energy. But for detials I would see a dietician.

Finally, the question about losing that last 'roll' is difficult and many people struggle with this same issue. My feeling is that if you continue doing the cardio, you will see progress over time. Perhaps you need to increase the cardio very slightly, because we know that this is the main means of combatting fat, and so perhaps you should look at upping the duration of the cardio from 30 to 45 minutes per session. That may make a big difference. Otherwise, just keep it up and you will see change over time.

As for the trampoline, I answered a question just like this today and perhaps you can check this out, it's question number 1447.

Good luck
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