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13 Feb 2013

I think that it is becoming a TREND to gang rape and then kill. Not every rapist is poor, on drugs or drink.

If they are killing us anyway) and that was the excuse for not bringing back the death sentence) it MUST be brought back and that is that.

It is as if having a vagina is now a liability and yes I know not only woman get raped but we are by far in the majority.

The other alternative of course is to insist on a public castration, then everyone knows what he had, did and no longer has.

I would like to know one rapist that has seriously converted - where is he and what does he have to say about. Why are ex-rapists that are now converted not out there making a huge stand??? Are there any?

If you rape anyone you must be so shamed in public, blacklisted and basically your must be so in the cold that you commit suicide.

I think there should be a slogan put everywhere:


ALL men need to understand that woman are not toys to be played with. Good men need to teach their sons this from an early age. It all starts with how you treat the women in your life.

Why is ANTI-RAPE education not taught in schools? WHY?
Surely this is urgent and should be instituted immediately - like tomorrow. Respect for the opposite sex. Any you have to pass an Exam on it.
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01 Jan 0001

Being drunk or on drugs must never be seen as any form of excuse for criminal behaviour, and only stupid courts would think so - if you choose to get drunk of drugged to the point of being unable to stop yourself doing horrible things, you're guilty of whatever you did. And most poor people never rape anyone, so that too is never an excuse or mitigation.
And there seems to be remarkably little shame felt by rapists who get caught. Whether anti-rape courses in school would make a difference, I don't know, but it should be tried and evaluated. Surely the most important education on the basic issue of respecting other people and their rights, must be taught by every mother and father in every family ?
I never quite understoof why we supposedly have a democracy in which the wishes of the majority MUST be done, but the politicians have decided that the will of the majority on the issue of the death sentence must forever be ignored. I'm not, here, commenting on the death penalty itself, but on my puzzlement about why one specific issue must apparently always disregard what the majority want.
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