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06 Feb 2013

As a black person who has been burglerised by a 19year old homeless gay white guy i sometimes helped TWICE,,i dont think its a racial thing...i believe the guy also felt that i didnt deserve all i had when he had to beg for everything he has..i dont think its a racial thing but a ratio thing, and the first time i was burgled and had a gun held to my head was by a black guy and i was only in Standard 8 people are a majority in SA and the majority is living well below the bread line and they go out and commit these horrendous crimes in numbers...i lived in the UK for a while and most of the crime was committed by white people etc cause they are a majority there..

I think some people are just evil whatever race they are and just like the easy way out.and one problem (at the risk of being chastised) with most black south africans is their sense of entitlement..Nobody bought the house i live in or the car i drive and stuff i want i either save for or blow my money and face the consequences the government or no one owes me nothin..the world owes me fokol..

..Rest assured fellow white South Africans most of us working black south africans with morals and ethics do not hate u and we are just as petrified for our safety as u are....
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01 Jan 0001

Right, that in any country the majority of crims is likely to be done by whoever is the majority in the population, as is the majority of good deeds.
And while there are obviously areas to understand in why some people in desperation commit some crimes, there are limits to such explanations. If a hungry man steals bread for his family, that;'s easy to understand and almost to respect ; but howver poor someone is, raping a baby or child, as some folks do, has no justification and is horrible to all cultures and groups.
And you're right, that while some people of all hues have been given everything on a plate and don't deserve it, most of us have worked really hard for what we have. And some of the thieves are in a sense self-deprived, who choose to spend on drugs and alcohol and then complain that they can't afford other things they fancy.
Excellently well expressed, Lerato. YOu deserve that malt whiskey !
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