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26 Jan 2004

Repeated Bladder infections ??
Please will you help....i have a female, 5 year old maltese bitch and for the past year she has had blader problems. I live in a remote part of West Africa ,so to find a Vet who is able to help me is a problem. I did see a local Vet and a course of penicillen was given which she had a sever reaction to. laterI saw another vet in the area and was given a course of tetracycline which was again in a huge dose and we had another sever reaction with tempary eye and hearing loss. I am wondering if i can maybe use a low dose of bactrim, similar to what a human baby would take. If i use this low dose for a long period, would this solve the problem. I have done some reading on the net and am starting to wonder if this blood in the urine, difficulty of unrinating and the offensive smell of her urine may be from bladder stones or cancer. I am not able to have any form of surgery here and reasonable diagnosis is impossible, so please will you help and suggest an anti biotic which i can maybe try. I am able to buy a range of antibiotics here without a prescription. I hope to be able to get some assistance to make her life a bit easier as this seems to be my only alternative.

i would really appreciate any hlelp you can give me.
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01 Jan 0001

I am so sorry to hear about your problem and the lack of effective veterinary services in your area. Recurrent blood in the urine and smelly urine may certainly indicate infection, however this infection may very well be secondary to bladder stones, cancer or other abnormalities of the bladder, as you rightly noted. Antibiotics will help to clear up some of the symptoms. Hopefully, it is just a simple urinary tract infection, or bladder stones and you will be able to find effective veterinary help soon. Penicillin is usually a very effective antibiotic for the urinary tract, as is cephalexin, sulfa antibiotic (the Bactrim that you mention) and certain other classes. Tetracycline and especially doxycycline is not ideal. If the reaction occurred to penicillin and the dose was correct, I would first suggest cephalexin or the sulfa antibiotic. The dosage for either is 20mg per kg bodyweight twice daily, usually for a minimum period of 21 days. I hope this helps. The antibiotics may be repeated as necessary, until a more specific diagnosis can be done by a veterinarian. Please note, that I cannot guarantee the safety of these treatments and that it will be done at your own risk. This advice is only given because of your predicament with the lack of veterinary services in your country. Good luck!

PLEASE NOTE ALL OTHER READERS: it is definitely not ideal and potentially dangerous and life-threatening to simply obtain and use antibiotics from any source other than your veterinarian, and only after a proper and thorough examination. In South Africa especially, effective veterinary help is available throughout the country, and home diagnosis and treatment may be extremely harmful and dangerous. Go see your veterinarian!

Dr Malan van Zyl
Veterinary Specialist Physician
Cape Town

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