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31 Jan 2013

Saying Sorry!
Good morning Doc

I know that this might sound stupid but i do need assistance, last night i had a fight with my friend of 8years,we''ve had our dissagreements in the past but we''ve managed to amend them. In all the argument or dissagreement we''ve had i have always been the one who will admit that i did wrong and own up to the mistake but she never did,she will always blames everything on me and she is never wrong so she never apologise for anything and i''ve always let it pass for peace sake,she is like that even with her siblings and her husband and if you try and tell her that she should''nt be doing things like that she will tell you where to get off,the only way of her admitting to her mistake is saying that " she is also a human being she is allowed to make mistakes,she''not perfect,so we should''nt expect her to be perfect" 

So last night it was her 31st birthday so we and some couple of friends went out for dinner and drinks so in the middle of dinner while we were taking some pictures,the picture was''nt nice because i came out very dark as i am dark in complection and the rest of them a light skinned so she mocked me that i''ve made the picture to look bad because of my darkness,it was not the first time she mocked me about my complection while we''re with firiends and even the last time i was''nt impressed but she never apologised and i let it pass for peace sake,i left the resturant and i''ve told myself that i''m done with her.
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01 Jan 0001

OK, being mean to ANYONE about the shade ot their complexion is cruel and stupid - we are all the colour we were born with, just as we are the height we were born to be. In this case its not so much that she is typically unwilling to admit she ever does anything wrong, and thus never feels the need to apologise, but that she was unkind in a rather racist manner, and does owe it to you to recognize that this was bad and shouldn't happen. Maybe she was drunk at the time ? ANyhow, there's no harm in your deciding that you're done with her - she doesn't sound like a very nice person. Wouldn't you be happier without her, anyway ? Otherwise, there's nothing here you can or need to apologise for - just leave it and see what she says and does, and decide then, how to respond to that
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