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18 Jan 2013

Sello and DH
i always did not like Sello but your response to DH when he was attacking women over 40 made me fall inlove with you. I am a woman who falls in that category and last year we married a best friend of mine 38 to a 40 year old guy. She is now expecting her first child. Where does he get it that it is not possible? I am 37 and still waiting for a good man. Women these days know what they want and fortunately there are men who also know what they want in life. You are now going to see us progressive people having children at 40 because we live healthy lives and we intend living until 100 like Mandela. So why rush and be married at 24 and have kids at 26 when you can build your career and have kids when you are financially stable?

Grow up DH and start buying mansions in secure estates before you have children, they will appreciate walking barefoot to a private school down the road because mom and dad can afford it.