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11 Feb 2013

I got divirced in 2004 but we never separated, he refused to leave. Well we went on living together, had another baby in 2006, hoping things will change. Eventually last year I made a case of domestic violence which eventually led him to move out. We were separated for 7 months. I was very happy, he did not support our children (2 boys). After him begging me to come back home and make things right i gave in and he moved back home for the children sake and for us to try again. Its been 9 months now, we starting to argue and disagree it looks like things is going the way it was. I also realised that i don''t love him, I try to put up an act to be happy for our kids but its killing me on the inside. We were married for 17 yrs. Please tell me what to do to make him move out or who can I go see, lawyers are charging so much.

Thank you