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11 Feb 2003

suffocated during sex
In the past few months I have become addicted to affixiation during sex. What happens is that just before I reach the point of orgasm, I have my lover either begin to choke me or put a pillow over my face ( want to try it with a plastic bag...but still too nervous). While i am being affixiated, i have the most incredible such an extent that I actually cum clear liquid...almost like I am peeing myself.

The orgasm is so pleasurable that I can't seem to orgasm any other way.

Doc, i know this is dangerous and I know that this is a fetish...What i want to know is what has been written about this type of fetish..are theer groups that i can join who have the same fetish

I would also like to hear from the forum if anybody else has tried this and what there feelings on the matter are.

Thank you
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Kerry
Autoerotic asphyxiation refers to self - induced strangling or suffocation during masturbation. This is estimated by some to take the lives of 250 to 1,000 men every year. Very little is known about people who practice asphyxia, because most do not seek therapy and do not otherwise come to the attention of the medical profession unless they die.

So as you can see a very dangerous practice, most of the support group ends up in the mortuary. Books on the subject: "Accidental Death during intercourse by males", Michaldimitrakis, M. Sexual asphyxia was also portrayed in the Japanese movie, "In the realm of the senses", which was based on the true story of a couple during the 1930's.

And from Dr Jenkins page:
What is Autoerotic Asphyxia?
Autoerotic asphyxia (AEA), the practice of using strangulation to enhance the pleasure of masturbating. AEA claims the lives of between 250 and 1,000 young American men each year. It is, without question, the most disturbing and unthinkable of sub-intentional adolescent suicides. The participants are most often white, middle class males under the age of 30 with no outstanding history of mental illness.

How reliable are the statisitcs on the incidence of AEA?
The actual incidence of AEA is likely underreported. Teen-aged AEA victims are most often found by parents, or other relatives who, because of the graphic, highly emotional, and often shocking circumstances under which the victims are found, may clean up or alter the death scene. Additionally, EMS personnel and police investigators are often ignorant of the signs and indicators of AEA behavior and hence, the autoerotic asphyxiation case is often officially reported as an intentional teen suicide.

Few people are open about their masturbation practices and those who participate in AEA behavior may be even more secretive. Most of what we currently know about AEA and those who practice it is gathered from forensic evidence and reports filed after someone dies from the behavior. These problems add to the underreporting of the actual incidence rates of AEA and the profile of a "typical" AEA participant.

Why do these guys do AEA?
The most common motivation for adolescent AEA appears to be thrill seeking and/or sexual experimentation in combination with a pseudo-masochistic fantasy of bondage and pain. The risk of sudden death may also serve to increase the sexual pleasure by adding a strong component of mortal danger. Cerebral hypoxia, the medical term for "lack of oxygen to the brain" makes a person dizzy and light-headed and some people find this sensation pleasurable or exciting.

What exactly do they do?
Strangulation is most often applied by a single ligature in the form of a noose or slip-knot around the neck. The strangulation device such as a rope, neck tie, or bathrobe belt is used to occlude (reduce) blood-flow to the brain which creates varying degrees of hypoxic euphoria, diminished ego controls, giddiness, light-headedness, and exhilaration--all of which may enhance masturbation sensations and orgasm intensity. Some release the ligature at the point of orgasm while others continue to strangle themselves past the point of orgasm.

Props, women's clothing, pornographic magazines, and sexual aids are nearly always present in some degree during male AEA behavior. Transvestitism (men dressing in women's clothes) is not as commonly associated with AEA as many believe and it is not considired a risk factor by itself. About 26% of male AEA cases investigated by Hazelwood, et al. (1983) involved transvestitism.

What slang terms refer to AEA?
The terms "breath play" and the "terminal sex" describe self or partner inflicted sexual asphyxiation. Other terms include "scrafing" for strangulation and "gasper" for a person who participates in strangulation or suffocation oriented sex play either solo or with a partner. "Autoerotic asphyxia" refers only to self-strangulation or suffocation (autoerotic means "self-sex"). "Asphyxiophilia" is the term used by psychologists and therapists to describe the eroticising of strangulation or suffocation.

Don't they know they may kill themselves?
Often AEA is practiced by teenagers who may not fully understand the risks of the practice nor the finality of death. Despite the potential for a fatal episode, suicidal intent is not usually evident. The apparent intent is sexual pleasure not self destruction. Practitioners of AEA perform the behavior in order to enhance their sexual pleasure through hypoxic euphoria induced by strangulation. The involvement of the ligature and strangulation may be symbolic or purely functional. Some practitioners strangle themselves throughout the encounter from beginning through orgasm and beyond while other practitioners apply the neck ligature initially to induce cerebral hypoxia and subsequent euphoria, and then, at the peak of orgasm, they release the ligature as the flood of oxygen-laden blood to the brain is said to enhance orgasm and create an even greater sense of euphoria and sexual pleasure.

Are they secretly suicidal at some level?
It is the opinion of the author that AEA should neither be classified nor approached as other forms of adolescent suicide. Autoerotic asphyxia fits best in the classification of sub-intentional suicide, the purposeful participation in behaviors which have a high likelihood of death or serious injury (e.g. DWI, "chicken" games, gang fighting, bridge walking, etc.). Consequently, AEA prevention efforts should be modified from those used to prevent most other forms of adolescent suicide.

Although pleasure and thrill seeking appear to be the motives in most cases, the possibility of a young man being depressed or suicidal and practicing AEA is possible and should not be ruled out in interventions or forensic investigations.

Is there a safe way to practice AEA?
No. Every deceased victim of AEA thought he had devised a "safe" way to participate. In virtually all AEA fatalities, it is the failure of the failsafe that results in strangulation. Even if one survives repeated hangings, brain damage is sure to occur. You can not enduce hypoxia (lack of oxygen) repeatedly to the brain without suffering irreversable brain damage.

Dr Elna Mcintosh
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