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08 Nov 2006

they anit got nothin on uzz
ey Doc Ead,

how u keepin...?

news : stopped smokin a few months ago... the zyban was really nice although i started sufferin from split personality,,,, well at least 35 diff ones that i recall...

wrote into the golf coach forum... who is that dick weed, anyway he was no help so i cut the post... check out below


i got this problem... ma clubs just 2 big, it makes ma balls look small and this intimidates people...

i tried getting bigger balls but i'm really attached to the ones i got...

please help me

so things r okish but am up and about, ma lawyers still givin me shyte and there just seems no end to it, should ask her if she eva wonders y lighting struck her business premises?

as 4 the poem shaggin critic i thought up one just 4 it... i call it if only

if only i didn't worship uncle sam, killin the blood and suckin the lamb, puttin ma hand on the ... if i cud keep the rime ... if i ... if i ....
if i can i contend with bein ma only friend when evry day i wake up and think this is the end, if only i new there was more 2 ma story,,, every day, every night, if only it wasn't a fight, if only the end was already here, if only i had someone 2 b ma ... b ma ... b ba ma side, to drift through lifes tide not afraid to walk out in the open holdin ma hand, instead i hide inside , instead i believe ma own lies, ma fears wont drift away in tears, ma inability to feel, how can i conceal , there aint nothin real to ma ... to ma ... to ma reality, feel the profanity, feel me...
if only i cud look beyond maself, if only i cud understand that in findin knowledge and understandin of othas i cud find wealth ...
if only i new the truth that freedom of bein aint in seein one word soundin like anotha, makin it real, y botha about the detail when the content stairs u in the face, .. if only if only ... if only i cud rest ma head on a shoulder, should a shoulder b so bold to unfold to ma embrace... if only i cud b ma self instead of hidin behind the mask that has become ma face... in jurisdiction of the laws i have created i canna rest ma case... let me b free to critic what i see cause ma life aint pretty and mama didn't care... if only . if i ... if they ... if we ... if i cud control everythin... if only i cud control everythin ...


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01 Jan 0001

Hi Dude,
How am I keeping what ? Great to hear you stopped smoking, and that the Zyban was helpful --- and that all 35 of you took it properly ! So, you managed to bemuse the golf pro ?
And another challenging poem. As for Uncle Sam, at least with the latest election results, there seem to have been some outbreaks of reason and rather better results than last time round.
Doc ead
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