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21 Aug 2007

Hello All, including Professor Cybershrink.!

I have posted a few questions sometime ago, and I am a frequent visitor to this site.

We all have some sort of problems, in our life.lives. Most of u have anxiety, depressions etc....etc....But think about this!!!

When we have problems, we tend to "put them on our" head. Now surgically speaking, If we happened to cut our head open, Do u think we would find any problems in there, would we find any worries in there, NO Absolutley not. But what we will find is our brain and it's family of receptors... Then WHY DO WE put problems and worries in our HEAD?

WE were not born with WORRIES, We were not born with dis-orders (The fortunate), Sometimes we need to take a good look at aourselves. We need to sit and listen to our selves. We need to analyse our navigation in life.

Well no ones perfect. Neither amd I . But life has so much more to offer, that complaining about how serious our mental problems are. Think about those that have terminal illnesses, HIV and AIDS.

Those are somethings that cannot be reversed. Mental Illness is something, sometimes is brought upon by ourselves.

Yes we live in world of sheer misery, but THERE IS HELP?

We could go the BEST PROFESSORS, DOCTORS AND EXPERTS IN THE WORLD, But there is just one miracle out there

AND THAT IS PRAYER... This may sound bla'ze, but I have come through a really bad patch in my life with regrds to anxiety/ panic attacks ........ and u kno wwhat? PRAYER DID/ DOES it for me..

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01 Jan 0001

There does seem to be a large parcel of arrogance wrapped within your humility, Robby. A couple of general comments. 1. Don't assume that whatver works for you will automatically work for everyone else --- it's not like that. and 2. You seem to see prayer and medical / expert treatment as alternatives. Why shouldn't they be combined ? Do you believe that God works ONLY through miracles, rather thasn expecting you to work on your side to enable good things to happen ? If you pray for wealth, does God send someone to your doorstep with a large sack of money ( which is the equivalent to what you seem to be saying about illness ) ? Or does He work by giving you the courage to do all the necessary hard work to make yourself rich by good honest work ? Does He not work through agents and methods within our world ?

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