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29 Mar 2007

To Dietdoc - Herbalife Whats Your View
Dear Dietdoc

I often visit health24 and read that alota people are using Herbalife. I would like to follow a healthy eating plan and from what ive now read is that Herbalife is completely safe and has no side effects. Is this true? Can Herbalife be considered a healthy eating plan?

What is your view on this product. Would appreciate your expert advise before using this product.

Thank you
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01 Jan 0001

Dear Anon
I have never gone out to buy any Herbalite products myself, so I don't know what their diet is actually like. I have gathered from Readers that it includes the use of shakes once or twice a day. To see if shakes will assist weight loss you need to check if one serving of shake does not provide more than 2100 kJ or 500 cl, because higher energy values will hamper weight loss. As regards the rest of the diet you can judge for yourself a) if the diet contains all the food groups (i.e. milk and dairy products, fruit and vegetables, unprocessed gains and cereals, lean meat, fish and eggs, mono- or polyunsaturated fats and oils. b) if it is not too low in energy. If you need to cut out whole food groups (esp carbohydrates) or if the diet is very low in energy then it is not sensible and well balanced. Furthermore you need to check the ingredients in the Herbalife products to see if any of them can cause harm (just because this is a herbal products does not automatically make it safe - some of the most potent poisons are derived from plants!) and also if they really can cause weight loss. Check them on 'Slimming Pills & Drops - Slimming Pill Ingredients, Positive & Negative Effects', which you can access by clicking on 'Diet' at the top of this page and then on 'Weight loss' and 'Diet Detective'. I have also had a number of Readers complaining that they do not lose weight with these products. My opinion is that it is always more sensible to use a balanced, low-fat diet that includes all the food groups and regular daily aerobic exercise for 30 or more min a day to lose weight safely.
Best regards
Best regards
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