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04 Feb 2013

Unpaid leave deducted
Hi there
In December, I was told that I was 4 days over my leave for the year so it would be deducted as unpaid leave. Now firstly, my department usually either closes in Dec a week later then the other department or we come back a week earlier than the other people. Now we closed and returned at the same time.. I wasnt anticipating this so was then R2910 short on salary - but fair enough, if I am over leave - then I am over so I accepted it. (Can they force you to take unpaid leave in this circumstance - we are supposed to have 21 days)
Now in Jan, I get my payslip and there is ANOTHER DAY''S UNPAID LEAVE DEDUCTED - they only told me 4 days in Dec, not saying 4 days in Dec and 1 in Jan - so now I am another R500 (nett) short on salary in Jan that I did not budget for.
I spoke to someone who said this is an unfair labour practice - they can take it as leave in advance..
Surely they cannot just take money off you salary without your permission?
Also, according to my contract (which I need to find a copy) - leave starts in January so surely the 1 day taken in January falls into the next leave cycle?

Another issue is in my contract my salary review date is 15 Jan every year/ Last year the " forgot"  the increases so they did it in Feb - NO BACKDATED PAY FOR JAN INCREASE. Now they said in Jan, they hadnt had time so they would do it in Feb - I am sure they won''t back date it.

Who can advise on the above? Clearly labour lawyer is not interested in this forum as he never answers!
Typical lawyer...